How to get web hosting for a dollar a month The cheapest web hosting available

Web hosting is both a convenient and compelling service. Today every business and a digital savvy person needs an online presence. The future of technology is in better technology. The future of today is going to be completely digital. We already order our food online. When basic needs are available at the touch of a button, then you know you need to step it up. Whatever business you are doing, it needs to have an online presence.

People spend so much of their time online. Some may argue, they spend more time online than they do sleeping, and so lack of sleep has become an existing health issue. We love our blogs, magazines, and social media. Even the news is received fastest when it is disseminated online. This is because there is always more than a pair of eyes glued to a screen. Whether it is a mobile device, tablet or smartphone.

This has gotten many small business owners searching for cheap good web hosting services. Some may be unfamiliar with the web hosting services as they are not in the tech industry. Perhaps you have a carpentry class you want to showcase to interested learners. Perhaps you want to start a décor school and would like to have your portfolio online. This is where web hosting comes in and so, the first thing you need to do is get educated on the services offered.
There is the shared hosting, VPS, dedicated and free web hosting. Most of the time, free web hosting comes with its own challenges, therefore the next best thing is a dollar subscription fee. There are some companies that offer these services, however for a dollar be prepared to compromise on a few things. If having a website, is not such a big deal then this could be for you. It requires little dedication, and if you are either well established or just trying it out a dollar can work.
The reason being, well-established businesses already have a customer base with flowing clients. A website may change their appearance, but not necessarily bring new customers or drive them away. For those who are testing the waters, it is an affordable way to find out if it is for you. Sites like the Dollar Host Club offer monthly hosting for a dollar a month. This is their most popular according to the website. They also offer customers the option of buying a domain name at a dollar a month, with an annual fee of twelve dollars.
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The plan gives users an offer of unlimited storage, traffic, emails and free SSL certificates. In addition, the site promises a lite speed web server. Blue Host is a very popular website with millions of users. They also boast cheap web hosting, but with limited server resources. At the end of the day, it is better to have a company that promises cheap but limited than cheap with full resources on board. It is dishonest and as the client, you will end up frustrated by the poor performance or scarce resources. It is always advisable to go forth eyes wide open, having full knowledge.

Domain Racer offers free SSL, SSD hosting with lite speed as well. Inmotion hosting offers well-protected emails from spam, however, it is more on the higher side. However, it is still cheaper than most. Whether you are looking for cheap or more expensive hosting services, focus on the customer support they offer. Any security and add-ons they may have available and a well-known control panel. If they do not have a legitimate control panel, it is better to walk away.

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