Huawei Surpasses Apple as the Second Largest Smartphone Seller Shipping 54 million phones the last quarter

Th Chinese based tech firm Huawei has confirmed overtaking apple to become the second largest smartphone seller, after Samsung. The revelation is not a surprise as the company has been doing relatively well across diverse markets building a strong base in developing nations across Africa and Asia. Most especially, its home country China. Marketing intelligence firms IDC, HIS Markit and Canalys all report that Huawei shipped more phones than its counterpart, Apple. This report is based on the last quarter, statements by IDC and IHS who state that Huawei shipped 54.2 million phones and Canalys reports 54 million.

South Korea’s electronic titan Samsung remained at the top spot, selling 71.5 million smartphones across the globe. Huawei came in second according to IDC Worldwide quarterly mobile phone tracker at 54.2 million. In the last quarter, Apple shipped 41.4 million phones to acquire a 12. Market percentage. While Samsung and Huawei cap it at 20.9 pc and 15.8 pc globally. Samsung and Apple have continuously battled in court and out of court for customer share and design patents. They are fierce competitors. Huawei’s continued growth is impressive and is bound to keep going steady.

It has proven its ability to move into markets where it was previously unknown and become one of the leading brands in the region. They have successfully penetrated developing markets and set up shop to solidify their base in new regions. The iPhone did well after the launch of their new flagship phone the iPhone X which sold well across the board. According to the program Vice President of IDC’s worldwide mobile device tracker, Apple Huawei and Samsung were the main contenders for the top spot for luxury phones priced at over $700.

Based on their numbers, 324 million smartphones were shipped during the second quarter, which is a 1.8 pc decline from the same period a year ago. This marked the third year on year decline, which has been concluded to market saturation of smartphones in the open market for consumers. They are spoiled for choice, with many counties opting to make and assemble their own smartphones for local use. There is also the climbing average selling price which is curbing the growth in the smartphone industry.

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Smartphones today have become increasingly popular and accessible as there is variety at a low price for all consumers to access. For those who want brand phones they are available, but locally made and new foreign entry phones also make do with their internet access and dual sim carrying an advantage. Consumers are still willing o pay more for superior brands focusing on the quality, and experience of the phone. Association with the brand also pushes consumers to pay through the nose for more expensive brands like iPhone and flagship Samsung smartphones.
Today, people expect their devices to outlast previous models and are willing to pay more for devices that have proven to stand the test of time. Largely due to superior specifications, camera and video are among the features that attract customers. New artificial features like a bigger screen, curved models and color also play a role in the buying choice of a customer.

More than that due to new music and video streaming services, clients are keen on-screen clarity and phone capacity to accommodate their favorite tv shows on Netflix and Hulu. Mobile devices have also become personal stereos featuring apps like iTunes, which is also available on the play store for android phone users is another key factor. Spotify and Pandora are also increasingly popular, therefore great audio that packs a punch can easily persuade youthful buyers to select one phone from the other.

New sleek and interesting accessories that come with the phone, or to buy separately increase the sales of the phone. Fr example, apples iPhone comes with a superior set of earphones that prompts interested buyers to select the American smartphone from the rest. There’s that, and its impressive inbuilt storage capacity.

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