Intel and Microsoft Commit to A New PC Platform Intel and Microsoft Commit to reframe to a personal contributor

Intel and Microsoft want to reframe the prospective users have of the personal computer. They are taking it from a regular smart device to a personal contribution platform. Where you will do your best work.
Although smartphones have become the gadgets we use most, the personal computer is still a mandatory non-replaceable device. It is most useful when crafting your best work, during audio or video editing. At the workplace or for students, long text is written better on laptops. It is easier to use. We focus and do our best most meaningful work on the personal computer.
Microsoft has already embraced Windows as a productivity platform and has seen success with the windows 10 software. With this in mind, Intel aligns with their goals making them the perfect partner to collaborate on a new project. Microsoft Intel and Qualcomm announced an ‘Always Connected PC’ initiative that took off and has laid the groundwork for their new project. Intel is partnering with Microsoft to work on the personal contribution platform.
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Intel’s Client Computing Head George Bryant says that they will focus on five key areas to reframe the vision of PC. These areas include uncompromising performance. To remain stellar no matter the new ad on or framework of the PC. Improved connectivity with 5G. This will be integrated soon as next-generation networks will be rolled out in 2019 by most Telcom companies. Increasing the battery life will also feature, however, the company was not clear on how they plan to do this.
Intel also wants to develop more adaptable platforms than the two in one model. This is to incorporate different designs to be able to focus, anywhere at any time. More intelligent machines with AI machine learning integration will be incorporated to make room for new technology. The goal is to bring focus to the ‘why’ behind your work and what you are working on and not just for the sake of work.
Intel has not let a lot of information slip but the new PC platform is bound to be a stunner. They have demonstrated strong tech innovation with their latest beast-mode processor i8 core. Made for heavy multitasking. For a longer battery life, the company has hinted on working with some significant partners. As for the convertible and two in one model, they want them thinner, but we cannot wait for the new designs. They will be made to adapt to users the way the current PC cannot.

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