Internet of Things: How does it influence people’s everyday lives From your smartphone to your car, the internet of things take over is here

The internet of things is a term that widely explains the inter-connection of smart devices and the way these devices will impact our lives as part of the new technologies movement taking place. We can already attest to be living in the age of the ‘internet of things’ as we now have wearable smart devices such as the Apple watch and various items that allow accessibility for disabled people like hearing aids that assist in daily activities. The wealthy have also upgraded their homes to live in ‘smart homes’ where they can control everything from their smartphones or program their homes to respond to their voice. Some smartphones can even measure the glucose levels of diabetics, already changing our lives for the better.
Have you longed for a car to give you directions to a nearby Chinese restaurant or the routes to avoid traffic? The internet of things has made smart cars a thing of the present, collaborating with telecom giants to make our cars smarter to make traveling more convenient for everyone. Smart cars will also be able to inform the driver or the car dealer of when the car needs its next service. This includes things like an oil change, flat tire, faulty breaking system among so many other possible car issues. You can even put in a calendar system in your car to schedule meetings. This makes it easy to remember where you need to be and when. More than that smart cars will be able to adjust to real-time traffic conditions including the change in weather or notifications of an approaching emergency vehicle.
Hospitals are no exception to the new evolutionary internet of things. Many hospitals now operate on the digital frontier. Making patient documents, appointment, scheduled surgeries, meetings and announcements among so many other things available on the hospital server of course, confidentially. This makes it easier for doctors to operate when working with different patients and get up to speed with crucial information stat. Via apps using prescribed medication bought in hospitals, doctors can also monitor your health to check if the patient is taking their medication as prescribed.
At home, I earlier referred to everything being controlled via a smartphone. This includes; switching the lights on and off, putting off the gas or stove and even the smart refrigerator will remind you when groceries are running low. No need for a to-do list anymore! Depending on the weather, your alarm could also go off earlier. Another determinant is traffic. The internet of things allows for adjustments to keep you informed and on-time to work by evaluating its surroundings to make life easier. Internet technology can even monitor the weather outside your home or office to measure ai quality whereby that data is later collected and stored for further analysis by urban planners. Air Quality Egg has developed such a device today. There are also smartphone-controlled lightbulbs to adjust your lighting to your liking. This technology can even make child and animal care easier by keeping track of children or pets left at home. Although IoT is ultimately an expensive investment, it is worth the trouble and the time to advance and enhance our quality of life by embracing it.

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