Is Free Web Hosting Worth Going? Free web hosting should be your last option

Poor Server Response time
Hosting your website on a free web hosting provider means that the probability of a bad server response is likely. This automatically translates into a loss of customers. The longer your website takes to load the faster people abandon it. Delays make people irritable and they easily switch to your competitor twice as fast. People are not loyal to brands, they are loyal to the benefits that come with the products or services being provided. If they cannot access your service or product, prospect often moves on to the next best thing.

Low bandwidth
Free web hosting also comes with unlimited bandwidth in most cases and this is not true. The bandwidth provided for free websites is often slow. Uploading of video or heavy content is often a frustrating process. The bandwidth is slow and often customers want to pay for the advantages that come with a paid subscription.

Low storage
Storage for free websites is often limited. The space available for your content is limiting. Leaving you no other option but to get a different package or move to a different web hosting site, but they have similar characteristics. As most bloggers and serious website owners do not want to compromise on their content the best option is to change their web hosting package.
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Less security
Free web hosting means you are sharing the website with several other people for free. Including trolls and hackers. Some people have no interest in maintaining a website. They are not there to make money or create and share useful content. Sites hosted on free websites have been the victims of cybercrime way too often. Hackers misuse and abuse sensitive information acquired on companies and individuals. This can be done severally with a large number of people using poorly protected sites.

Poor Uptime
This means that your site is susceptible to crashing. The content on your site is no longer available for a period of time. This directly correlates to a loss in customers when a site is not available. It means your blog readers will think your site is down and refrain from checking your posts. People who were in the middle of online transactions will be inconvenienced or incapable of making a purchase. The uptime response is very important and rarely do free web hosting services provide for 100% uptime.

Scarce resources
While free web hosting services allow for attractive templates, an instant web page, agreeable storage, and bandwidth these resources are available on demand. As it is a free service, the resources accommodate several people at once. Making it a strenuous activity for creators and organizations that want to make an impression. While it is cost effective, in the long run, it is more expensive to use a domain name that is unattractive to share, for example, It is also bad for business when your site is repeatedly hacked or down due to poor services. If you have the opportunity, pay for the most affordable option first and move on from there.

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