Is it a benefit or downfall to insert technology into education?

Technology and education go hand in hand today. Computer classes are taken from age 4 and before children are of school going age, they can operate smartphones like pros. It is inevitable, so let us build around the good of technology in education so far. Technology can be successful in education if both parents and teachers embrace the new learning methods available to children today. High internet speeds and an array of child-friendly devices has made it possible to tailor a child’s education to fit their learning style, the pace of learning personal preference and their weaknesses as well as interests. Children enjoy working with technology because of all the possibilities it presents to a curious individual.
Today governments go the extra mile to offer digital devices in public schools for all school-going kids to have access to what the internet can offer. This effort has been coupled with teachers training for this new way of learning. Although there has been no evidence to show improved learning outcomes for children, the potential is clearly there for better learning methods. The challenge has arisen in the slow transformation from books to screens with guardians and teachers both uncertain about the internet exposure the children might face, the increase of cyberbullying and the health problems associated with looking at a screen on all day at a desk.
There are also digital distractions such as online games, programs, and videos to watch on YouTube and streaming services, however, the positive elements are also many. The learning content once uploaded is available to students anywhere at any time. This has proven to be a big factor for many mature students who prefer to study online and do programs at their own pace citing conflicting work schedules. The teachers also control the software the students have access to. For younger students, this is important to monitor the learning and online activity.
Educational technology has also allowed for students to have a more one on one learning experience communicating with their educators directly to address individual learning issues. Smaller classes mean more attention is given to the student and hence better performance when addressed accordingly. The educational vision of educators expands when presented with the possibilities of the internet, therefore enriching the curriculum when approached and strategized well. It benefits everyone to insert technology into our education to give all students a fair chance to perform better and adapt to different learning styles now being implemented in our institutions and to become competitive in our companies and other places of work.

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