Is shared hosting secure? Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting package

Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting package offered by web hosting services. It is also often the first choice for new website owners or bloggers. Generally, it is used to test out the waters. It does not require a lot of maintenance; however, support is also at a minimum. For newbies in the web hosting market, it is good to know the risk of shared web hosting, and the benefits as well. The saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Cheap Is Expensive
When web hosting came onto the scene it was very popular with businesses. People were keen on having an email with a domain name and having clients get all the information they need at the touch of a button. Due to the high demand, many web hosting companies started offering their services at throwaway prices. Yes, availability increased, but so did the likelihood of being spammed. Low prices mean anybody can attain a website at a cheap cost complete with email hosting.
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Blacklisted IP Servers
As a result, emails get sent out on a massive scale, and many of them are useless. When this happens from a particular IP server, the webhosting provider is identified as a bad IP. After which, emails being sent out from your server get bounced off. This is detrimental to the other website owners on the shared hosting package. The IP server can get blacklisted and made public. These lists are sometimes referred to as Real-time Blackhole List. To undo this, the IP server must be scanned then cleaned up while the spammers get a delisting request from the web hosting provider.

Risks of Hacking
To avoid this altogether, website owners can hire a third-party email hosting provider or use a dedicated server to host their website. Shared hosting is the easiest path for a hacker to take. Before moving onto advanced methods, they try the weakest link. If they are successful, they open a gateway for risk to other users if one site is compromised. On the other hand, a malicious user can buy the shared web hosting server and use their powers to gain access to other sites. There are common ways to hack a server, and one of them is using CMS software.

Content Management Software
Content Management Systems assist the administrator of the website to manage and host content running on the website. However, the content management system is also an easy way for hackers to gain access to other sites. This is because all CMS software needs the user to insert the name and version details for the HTML page in mega tags content. After which, it is easy to know the CMS type and version by looking at the source code.

If you need to secure your information, with a reliable server shared hosting is not the package to consider. Sensitive data can easily be hacked when another site is put at risk. Consider a dedicated server or VPS hosting to secure your information. They also offer better resources and flexibility for the users.

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