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Professional Joomla Templates

  • So, you have bought your domain and hosting and you have even installed Joomla via Fantastico or an FTP software. What happens next?

    If you need to have a fine looking website, which is appealing to the customer’s eye as well as to the search engine bots, then you need to install and use the perfect Joomla template for your kind of business.

    There are many free and paid Joomla templates out there that you can use. However, it is important to note that you should check these templates out for a number of features. Below is a checklist of some of these features that should be present in the best joomla template, whether free or premium.

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • The Joomla template you go for should be search engine optimized. You should not go for a template that makes you literally invisible to the search engines. Most free templates contain a lot of dirty code within them which discredits your website in the search engines’ eyes.
  • Features-rich

  • The Joomla template you go for should have a lot of customization features which make it flexible and customizable to your liking. The template should allow you to place modules where you want them to be, while allowing addition and integration of other plugins and add ons to match your business needs.
  • User Friendly

  • The main purpose of installing or having a custom template on your Joomla website is so that you can enhance the user experience. This should be in terms of the look, feel and functionality. Therefore, always go for templates that make navigation around your site easy, while also allowing you to organize your site the best way you know how.

    When you purchase any of Mambo Microsystems’ web hosting packages, you get access to thousands of free Joomla templates which you can use to build your site with. We strive to make your web design efforts as simplified as possible.

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