Domain names are the unique identities that businesses and personal blogs use to direct people to their websites. Unlike other domain names, a .ke domain has special features because it shows a distinct association with Kenya. If you want your business to provide services to the globe but still maintain your Kenyan roots, then a .ke domain is the best option.

mambo.co.ke offers the most reliable .ke domain registration services in the country.

There are various categories of .ke domain that you can get from mambo.co.ke:

  • .go.ke for government organs.
  • .co.ke for companies.
  • .ac.ke for institutions like colleges and universities.
  • .sc.ke for institutions of lower and middle levels.
  • .info.ke for information.
  • .me.ke for personal domains.
  • .ne.ke for network devices.
  • mobi.ke for mobile content.

To give your business a local appearance and minimise capital flight, contact us for .ke domain registration services to get your unique Internet identity. Our technical team will be ready to assist you where necessary. When coming for the services, remember there are some domains that you will need supporting documents to register. For example, to get a .go.ke domain, you will need an authorization letter from the Department of IT Services. Likewise, to get .ac.ke and .sc.ke domains, you will need copies of registration certificates from the ministries concerned.


Ksh 3000 Per Year
  • Free domain Name
  • 15 GB RAID protected
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 1 website
  • 10 emails accounts
  • 10 MYSQL databases
  • Free Cpanel


Ksh 3600 Per Year
  • Free domain Name
  • 50 GB RAID protected
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 10 websites
  • 100 emails accounts
  • 100 MYSQL databases
  • Free Cpanel


Ksh 9000 Per Year
  • Free domain Name
  • Unlimited GB RAID protected
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited emails accounts
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases
  • Free SSL Certificate


My blog now looks serious and professional. I have realized there is a steady increase in traffic since I acquired a .ke domain. Thanks to the team at Mamboautomation.com,

Victor Alal, Moi University, Kenya.

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