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Stability and security are issues to take seriously for anyone running a business with an online presence. Dedicated servers help with both.   Finding Kenya best-dedicated server should be an issue to consider when searching for both.  There is another hosting option that involves sharing, but there is a big difference between dedicated and shared hosting. 

A dedicated server is a hosting plan allowing hosting of only one website. The amount old disk space and bandwidth is large because there is no limiting like with shared hosting as everyone is accommodated must get space on the server. 

 The cost of a dedicated server might be higher, but there is no extra charge for surpassing the allotted bandwidth.   The disk space and bandwidth belong to an allotted organization and its server. There is no requirement to shares resources hence the choice for bandwidth and disk will match the needs of your organization. 

Why choose Kenya Best Dedicated Server  

1. A higher level of control 

There is a temptation to use cost as the basis for deciding on whether to choose a shared and dedicated server.   The price for shared hosting might be lower as the operator divides the operating cost among users. It might seem ideal, but a dedicated server gives the user more control.   Kenya best-dedicated server offers more operational flexibility when customizing a server, installing specialized software and dealing with traffic spikes. 

You get a range of these management options to choose the most suitable one for you: 

  • Self-managed
  • Managed
  • Fully managed

  For all the options you have a great deal of freedom to control settings and custom options than with shared hosting where the provider makes all the decisions.  A dedicated server allows adding of preferred programs, scripts and applications that support operational requirements. 

2. Higher security  

Shared server subscribers rely on the experts by the host for security applications and programming to allow a safe operating environment. They have no control over it.   Your organization gets the responsibility to secure a dedicated server. You can set up an IT department to detect and mitigate threats while the web hosting company powers the server and secures it physically. Your IT team will have its way of controlling the security programs you install. A dedicated server is also more secure because it does not have other users who might engage in uses that introduce viruses, spyware and malware. 


Mambo is among the leading Kenya Dedicated Servers Services providers with guaranteed features such as top performance, reliability and the latest server hardware from Dell Server Technology. Get started today for the best Dedicated Servers Services.

Features of Kenya Best Dedicated Server 

i. A Tier IV datacenter

The hosting of all servers are on tier 4 data server the most advanced type of a data centre tier. It has redundant dual powered instances of the servers, network links, storage and power cooling equipment.  A Tier IV data centre is the optimal level tier for data centers with 99.99 percentage availability.  The downtime per year is just 26.3 minutes. 

ii. Supermicro server hardware  

The supermicro rack mount –based servers at Mambo Microsystems feature an Intel power efficient processor designed for the continuous higher performance in the data center. 

iii. Optimized network  

Mambo operates a separate Cisco/Brocare-powered network with connectivity to Level 3. 

iv. Personalized support  

 We offer premium customer support through live chat, email and phone.   Customers can get the best support by creating a user account with a dedicated manager to handle all the inquiries and other general support needs. 

You can get powerful dedicated servers with maximum reliability at a cheap cost. At the cost starts Kes 13,900 for a single CPU, multiple cores –Intel Xeon E3-2.5 GHz with a RAM of 8GB, a bandwidth of 100 TB and Hard disc of 1TB. 

There are many options for other advanced dedicated servers with the cost depending on the CPU capacity, disk space and bandwidth to suit the user needs. 

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