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Cloud computing is a type of hosting that involves saving files remotely on virtual space. The users of this service can access information through the internet without being at a specific place. Cloud hosting is providing the service of allowing users to store files as well as applications on remote servers for access to the data through the internet. 

Cloud hosting eliminates the need to keep files on a local storage device or proprietary hard drive. An electronic device with access to the web allows accessing the data and software programs that run it. Cloud computing is about delivering various services through the internet. Some of the resources to provide include tools and applications like:   

  • Servers
  • Data storage
  • Databases
  • Software
  • Networking

Benefits of Kenya Cloud Hosting  

 The new norm of going to cloud for web owners is becoming a preferable hosting option in Kenya because of the enhancements in security and scalability. Many site owners are turning to reliable cloud hosting providers like Mambo Microsystems LTD after determining that it has many benefits. 

1. Accessibility  

A significant benefit of cloud hosting over other data storage systems is that you can access the data from any location provided there is internet access. There is no need to carry a physical storage device around.    It even with the right storage system enables the data owner to allow other people to access it and turn it to a collaborative effort. 

2. Security  

Data security is essential for any business and organization. Storing data in the cloud for complete security is safe. The best thing about getting a cloud hosting service is that it allows distribution of server data across other servers in the cloud to safeguard against hardware failure. Cloud servers provide automated snapshots and backups to ensure data safety. 


We are a professional and reliable Kenya hosting company that is passionate about cloud hosting services. Our plans are customized to include features like Personalized support, and 99.9% uptime. We have a state-of-art hosting infrastructure and reliable team of experts for advanced support and best hosting experience.

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3. Disaster recovery 

Disasters can cause loss of data.  A backup plan is a necessary action for every business in the case of an emergency.  It prevents the losses that occur to daily business after losing critical data. Cloud hosting provides storage with a perfect backup plan of the stored files. The technology allows storage of files at a remote location where retrieval and access can take place anytime without challenges. 

4. Flexibility and scalability 

 Cloud computing platform allows configuring of resources to suit the individual interests of each client. You can ask the processor and space that suits the data you store and process.  It also allows downgrading or upgrading of resources seamlessly anytime you want without disrupting services. 

5. Affordability 

 The billing for cloud hosting is flexible. You can pay per month for a precise consumption. 

 Where to Get Reliable Kenya Cloud Hosting  

The number of Kenya cloud hosting providers is increasing but stands out for flexibility, 99.99% uptime guarantee, simple management, and a guarantee of security.  There are six cloud hosting plans for customers to the one that suits their needs. There freedom to downgrade or upgrade with the help of a dedicated team to hasten the shift.   

Hosting plans start at the most affordable cost of Kes 600 a month for a memory of 512 MB, 20GB SSD Disk, and 1TB transfer.  The data is secure and safe because the location is in the US and Europe. There are five other plan options for you to choose any that suits your needs and budget .for any hosting plan you will enjoy: 

  • An array of features including one-click script installer, free site builder, over 50 scripts, and CDN services. 
  • Free file backups to allow restoration of previous copy after accidental deleting  
  • Fast and reliable servers for consistent power supply to network and high-speed SAN delivering 

 Kenya cloud hosting is providing a way to save storage space on devices, increases data security, and access from any point.

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