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 SSL companies provide certificates allowing encryption and securing of the communication between a website and visitors’ browser.  

SSL is initials for Secure Socket Layer that provides encryption.  SSL are small files of data for binding cryptographic key to company credentials. They bid together with the domain and server names together with the information of the organization such as its name and location. These certificates are usually an installation on the web pages whose business requires getting sensitive information such as username, passwords, or payment details from the users. 

 How to Find Kenya SSL Companies 

 The names of many companies and websites will appear on the search results when you search for “Kenya SSL companies.”  SSL certificates should be from a trusted authority, and it is the reason that the self-developed are doubtful.  

 There are big names in SSL business such as GeoTrust, Symantec, and Digcert, but they are on the international waters serving the big shots.  A Kenyan site owner will get better service by a reseller who is easy to reach and sell the SSL certificate at affordable prices. 

 For instance, if you have a single domain, it is better to get an SSL certificate from a trusted Kenyan company like  as it has a budget friendly customized plan . You can for just Kes 999 a year get a positive Domain SSL without the hassle of filing paper work and many tedious verifications non-local companies. It is ideal for a low volume e-commerce website that is established and does not require organization verification. It comes with a warranty of $10,000 and a 15-day refund. 

International   SSL companies might not be willing to provide that kind of provision to a Kenyan start up.  This is not the only SSL certificate product at Mambo Microsystems LTD. There are more choices, including those under the organization and extended validation SSL certificates. 


With Mambo’s SSL service you are able to get a wide variety of SSL certificates for secure connection. Get Reliable, Professional and Affordable SSL now and Secure your site and add trust & confidence for your visitors.

 These require more validation about domain ownership and organization information plus additional documentation for verification of the company’s identity. Extended validation certificate has an exclusive feature that makes the site browser bar to display a green padlock. It helps to bolster the consumer confidence by providing reassurance that the transactions in the website are secure. 

An extended validation SSL certification is an in-depth process that will cost a lot. Mambo Microsystems LTD provides relieve for Kenyan website owners by charging a reasonable price and a variety of products under it starting at Kes 60,000 with a warranty of $175,000 and a 15-day refund option.  

Qualities of Reliable Kenya SSL Companies 

  • EV SSL certification: An SSL Company should have a valid extended validation certificate and a green browser address bar because only those authenticated by a certificate authority should offer this service. 
  • Variety of SSL brands: A provider with one brand will recommend only that so you might pay for something that is not your ideal solution.  The best provider has a broad portfolio of SSL options for customers to choose with unbiased suggestions. 
  • Valid address: A valid company will have a verifiable mailing and physical address. It gives the company more legitimacy than those working from a virtual office address or home. 
  • A reference letter or other documentation showing the association of the vendor with SSL provider. Some companies claim to be partners of the major certificate authorities. The genuine will be ready to confirm the form of letters and other visual confirmations, proving a successful partnership.  

 Getting an SSL certificate is crucial for data protection and credibility, but it might not be the last time you require the service of the company. Make a point of working with an SSL reseller offering personalized support 24/7 through live chat, email, and phone. It must also have fast-acting customer support representatives. 

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