Kenyan Developers can Now Sell Apps on Google Play Store Kenyan developers get access to publish paid apps.

Google just put Kenya on a list of African countries that can access the google merchant account. The google merchant account allows developers to publish paid apps. This news comes soon after Google integrated an Xpress billing method with M-PESA that allows Android users to pay for apps directly via their MPESA accounts.

Kenya is among a chosen few countries in Africa including Tanzania, Tunisia, Egypt, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Previously, developers would use the sneaky method of creating an off-shore account to publish paid apps on the google store. The google store allows for both free and paid apps. Developers can publish free apps via the Google developers account. This the other of two accounts created for developers to publish the applications to the Android store.
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The default currency for the Kenyan developers is in US dollars. Besides South Africa that can use their local currency to sell their apps, all other African countries use the US dollar. Both Google and apple store have free and paid apps available. Developers that make apps for sale can make money from their sales and sustain themselves on the sales and downloads from their apps.
This is another advancement in the right direction as Google continues to embrace Africa as a digital partner. Kenya also continues to solidify their status as the digital hub of East Africa.

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