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Professional Magento Templates

  • Designing a web store or an ecommerce website can be all fun and especially if one uses Magento. This is because it is feature rich, easily expandable and easy to customize. Magento is also very flexible, and comes with a modular pattern that allows you to make a flattering SEO-friendly web store.

    Choosing Magento Templates - The 4 Questions You Need To Ask

    This process of making your magento tore can be made even much easier if you use the right magento template to design your website. Choosing the best fitting template is easy. You only need to ask yourself a number of questions and if you can answer them right, then you will have identified the best Magento templates to use with your ecommerce website.

  • What are you selling?

  • Good to mention here is that choosing the right Magento template depends on the kind of online store you wish to make. What is it that you wish to sell? Who is your target market? What categories do your products fall in to? All these are simple questions that will help you to narrow down on the kind of theme you go for.
  • What are your colors?

  • Note too that your brand and color preferences will determine the template you go for. If a template does not offer your brand colors, then it would not be a wise choice to go for. Your Magento template should convey the identity you
  • wish to portray to your target audience.

  • Is it compatible with the latest Magento version? A very important consideration is whether your template of choice is compatible with the latest Magento version. Always look out for this before make the decision to either buy or use a paid or free Magento template. Again, once you install a template, test it rigorously to see if it works right.
  • Is it easy to use?

  • The template you go for should make your work easier, not more complex. It should require minimal modifications, preferably only your logo and slogan, with much of its other structure remaining intact. Are you good to go, then have Mambo host your Magento based website and enjoy the many cool Magento templates available to customize your website. If you need help, check out our different web design packages.