Microsoft and Strathmore Law School Partnership Microsoft to digitize the judicial system

Microsoft and Strathmore University Law School are engaged in a partnership to digitize the judicial processes and systems. Microsoft has taken on the task of elevating our judicial standards to put information online in a bid to facilitate judicial proceedings. Strathmore University is a leading commerce university in Kenya. The law school is renowned for its world-class program and intense program for students. They also offer exchange programs to expose their students to international law. The pioneer class graduates end of this month, commemorating a successful beginning.

The program fostered by the school and the tech giant is dubbed ‘Policy Innovation Series’, which is aimed at digitizing the judicial processes in the region. Including they system and other overall functions. The digitization system is aimed at COMESA Court, the East African Court of Justice, the Supreme Court of Kenya and the Court of Appeal. The Microsoft MEA Director of Government Affairs Christopher Akuwimi said it would improve access to justice by making it easier to participate in court processes, increase productivity and enhance transparency.

Currently, court filings take about 3 months due to manual processes and have substantial associated costs. Once the local systems are digitized, the process will be significantly improved. This digitization will be done by government agencies, the justice system, and the private sector. Case management systems, e-filing processes, document management systems and court applications will undergo a digital overhaul. Free access to court forms, legislation, and judgments made available online are some of the benefits expected. The commercial justice sector division will be working on these solutions to roll them out before the end of the year.

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