Moringa School- Kenya’s Coding Academy Kenyan's get world class training at Moringa

Moringa has entered the African digital economy by launching a school in the internet hub of East Africa, Nairobi to impressive success. They have so far launched teaching courses and held some camps for their students. They have registered a 95% job placement rate for their graduates. The academy is now sought after by eager learners from more than ten countries after establishing a well-known brand.
This is no mean feat for a coding academy.

The school was co-founded by Audrey Cheng’ in 2014, to train mobile and website developers in Kenya. Since then the school has moved to empower young Africans with marketable tech skills to contribute to their society and enhance their quality of life through gaining employment.

It has been in the Kenyan atmosphere for the better part of 3 years now, and since then it has made steps to empower women by teaching coding skills aimed solely at women. They have done so by hosting a female-only edition of its ‘Moringa Prep Introduction to Coding Course’. The school believes in the power of women and what they can achieve by contributing to the tech industry. Moving forward their graduates become successful software engineers and land careers with lucrative companies such as Safaricom, Barclays, and Cellulant among others.

The school wants to educate and tackle the unemployment problem among the Kenyan youth by offering their courses at subsidized rates. They learn android skills or full stack development which is paired with soft skills to match employer needs. The courses include Moringa Prep, a 5-week computer fundamentals course. After which students move onto the full-time Moringa Core program course which is a 19-week course including professional development. The learning curve is concluded with graduation where developers pitch their final projects to potential employers.

Moringa has paired with over 50 hiring companies to ensure their graduates get a work placement in career track roles. The school can boast 85 successful hires among their developers amid growing numbers. Training world class developers require great effort and technique to ensure the success of any project let alone a student. Therefore the school has adopted different learning styles to keep the students engaged and motivated.

Self-paced education is practiced with students undergoing a paired programming or peer teaching style to foster collaboration and teamwork. The classroom culture is also centered on autonomy, proactive participation and self-awareness to keep the students engaged. Finally, the majority of the course content is available online with advanced technical mentors present for guidance. The courses range from Ksh.40, 000-80,000.

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