New Technologies in Apple Gadgets that Change People’s Lives

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first introduced the Apple iPhone, it was a marvel to behold. From that moment onward, Apple has become a crème innovator opening its doors to intelligent and creative minds to make the impossible possible and stay at the frontier of new technologies with their sleek and cutting-edge gadgets. Since the invention of the laptop, Apple has gone on to invent the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook. Apple has become a brand associated with luxury and premium quality. Users of their gadgets are often regarded as high net individuals and not for naught. The apple product prices command is very steep.
Nevertheless, they have brought to the market something new to the world wide web. With a new operating system, the days of Microsoft windows faced competition from their new competitor sending waves across the tech world. The MacBook offered special features for its laptop user with a new user-friendly way of making notes, and power point presentations for work. Their devices also tend to work better with other Apple products making them more or less mutually exclusive; unlike windows which is compatible with Android and Apple products as well.
Since its inception, the iPhone has grown to produce flagship cellphone after flagship, from iPhone 4 to the now new iPhone X. Customers love the iPhone for some of its features like the excellent camera, the clarity of sound and recording as well as their uniquely stylized, ‘ear pods’ that produce better quality sound for music lovers via their earphones. Some of the unique phone features include a mute switch, the slow sync flash for the camera, which allows for background images to have better lighting and the Airdrop feature for easy moving and sharing of files via iPhone. Their Facetime for video calling has come to challenge skype among iPhone users and most recently their apple watch to access notifications. Your Apple watch is basically a phone on your wrist that can receive notifications for emails and calls, as well as health status and the weather.
More than that to make the phone more accessible to everyone, Apple has a disability feature that promotes accessibility to persons with special conditions. It could be a Paralympian or a deaf and mute person or someone who suffers from Parkinson’s. The phones have features that respond to repetitive touch, hearing aids and speech. In essence, the phone is customized to your liking depending on each person’s capabilities. Now that is truly forward thinking.
Going back to their camera, a high selling point feature, it allows for ‘live’ photos that produce 1.5 seconds of video before a still shot. The phone also indicates when the camera is perfectly level to take the best shot, and the iPhone 8 has the ‘portrait’ photo feature that blurs the non-essentials out of a photo frame to give a zooming in effect to focus on the person as the focus of the image. To add some icing on the cake, the Apple app store is a host for unique games and applications some only available to iPhone and iPad users. Their music store also has a mammoth record of music and entertainment videos mutually exclusive to their users.
Apple has already changed the world as we know it to become a brand synonymous with leading innovation to offer a better lifestyle for its consumers, and they are not stopping.

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