Who is KENIC

Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) was born through a broad-based consultative process of the "Local Internet Community" with an aim to institute a local non-profit organisation to operate and manage the Internet resources allocation  and registration services to assist in the development and growth of internet in Kenya.

It was further envisioned that the task of managing the Kenya Domain Name Space (.ke) was best suited to an organisation which is a representative of the local internet community and has been established with the appropriate resources to move Kenya forward in the global world of the Internet with the full support of the Government.

Our vision is to be a reputable overseer of the Kenya Domain Name space by managing and administering it in an efficient, transparent and equitable manner, and in conformity with global Internet policies. We strive to manage and operate the delegated domain name space in the interest of the Kenya Internet Community and being mindful of the global Internet community interest consistent with ICANN policies.

KENIC, through a collaboration partnership with internet stakeholders, has initiated a number of East Africa Internet Governance Forum (EAIGF) from the realisation that there was a need to address the limited participation by Africa stakeholders on global internet governance debate and process.