Google License Renewed in China

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Early this week we reported on the latest developments between Google Inc and China Government, which saw Google remove their automatic redirect to in an attempt to save their internet content licence in China. Google has now confirmed their plan has been successful, with Beijing agreeing to renew the companys licence to operate a website in mainland China.

As Courtney reported last week, Google originally stopped censoring Chinese search results by redirecting users to, which provides uncensored search results to the Hong Kong market. China then responded by saying that that was unacceptable and they would not renew the companys internet licence unless the automatic redirect was removed.

In response, Google removed their automatic redirect and now uses a (somewhat sneaky) placeholder page which redirects users to if they click anywhere on the page.

According to an article from the New York Times, Googles chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, said Friday that the renewal "was the outcome we were hoping for."

"Well keep doing what were doing, and theyll keep doing what theyre doing," he said on Friday at the Allen & Company media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The renewal of Googles internet licence creates some stability in the standoff, however the Chinese government does have the ability to revoke their licence at any time.


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