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Joomla CMS is a multi functional Open Source application for creating websites. It is free to use and has a great community support.

The following tutorial is dedicated to Joomla 1.0. If you should be using the latest Joomla!1.5 version, please check our Joomla 1.5 Tutorial!

Joomla! main benefits:

* Multiuser and Multilevel environment: many users can interact and contribute to the development of a Joomla-based site. Users can be assigned to different groups with different privileges;
* WYSIWYG editor - the intuitive What You See Is What You Get editor allows for easy editing of the content online;
* Additional components / modules - the Joomla system can be easily enhanced with additional functionalities from integrating a forum to installing an E-commerce solution;
* Templates - there are numerous free Joomla templates on the net and Siteground is proud to offer some of the best ones!

Mambo has been supporting and hosting Joomla sites from the very start of Joomla! back in 2005. Through the years we have proven to be the best Joomla host, providing features such as free Joomla installation, Joomla-optimized servers, hundreds of free templates, fast and efficient support. The tutorial below is based on the experience we have gathered with Joomla through the years.

Joomla tutorial includes:

* How to install Joomla on your hosting account: installation with Fantastico and manual installation;
* How to change/install Joomla templates and links to FREE Joomla templates;
* How to add new languages to Joomla;
* How to administer your Joomla system - how to set meta info, manage emails, stats, and use search engine friendly URLs;
* How to manage your content in Joomla - how to create new categories and how to add new articles;
* How to manage banner ads;
* How to add VirtueMart shopping cart to Joomla;
* How to have Joomla and SMF forum;
* How to add a Calendar module to Joomla;
* More information, download links and how to install instructions for the most popular Joomla components, modules and mambots;
* How to use Google AdSense with Joomla;
* How to optimize your Joomla website;
* How to backup your Joomla site;
* How to upgrade your Joomla system;
* NEW: Visit our Joomla FAQ for more answers about managing your Joomla.