2U Horizontal Cable Management Panel


Don’t let your relay rack become an unmanageable web of wires; instead, start with this cable management panel to keep the excess cable from creating clutter. This 2u (3.5in) high panel fits into any standard 19-inch rack and provides a trough where excess cable can be stored. Patch cords can be easily coiled and placed inside the panel, and the connector can be threaded through the flexible plastic “fingers” to patch panels or network electronics installed above or below.Easy to install with this space-saving 2u design.


  • Separate and organize cables through a dense nylon brush strip
  • Improve the efficiency of your cooling system by covering unused rack space
  • Reduce dust accumulation near valuable server equipment with nylon bristles that surround your cables
  • High-density nylon brush
  • Takes up only 2U of rack space
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Mounts to standard 19″ 2 or 4-post server racks

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