D-Link DHP-W311AV/B Mini AV 500 Wireless-N


Starter kit, includes everything you need to get started
Converts any power socket into a network connection point
Up to 500 Mbps speeds over your existing electrical wiring
Up to 300 Mbps, wireless speeds using 802.11n
Improved resistance to electrical interference

D-Link DHP-308AV Powerline AV 500 Mini Adapter

The DHP-308AV The Powerline AV 500 Mini Adapter uses your home’s existing electrical wiring to extend your Internet connection. It turns every power outlet into a high speed network connection. Compliant with the HomePlug AV standard, it provides network access to your computers, game consoles, televisions, and any other Internet-enabled devices throughout your home. Compact design allows the Mini Adapters to fit discretely into your power outlet without blocking adjacent power sockets.

Ideal for bandwidth intensive applications

This DHP-308AV The Powerline AV 500 Mini Adapter is compliant with the HomePlug AV standard and capable of delivering data transfer rates at speeds of up to 500 Mbps, faster than regular Powerline AV products.This device provides ample network bandwidth, enabling you to tap into existing electrical wiring for high-quality multimedia streaming. Additional Quality of Service (QoS) support prioritises multimedia traffic over other types of traffic on your network connection, ensuring faster transmission.

Convenient setup and secure operation

Plugs directly into a power outlet, and does not require any additional cables. Extend your home network by connecting multiple devices in the farthest corners of your home, or attach a switch or wireless access point to the adapter to connect even more devices. The adapter implements 128-bit AES data encryption at the push of a button to protect your network from any intruders. With hassle-free plug and play installation, it’s an ideal solution to create a wall-to-wall home network.


During periods of inactivity, the Mini Adapters will go into sleep mode to save power, reducing power usage by more than 70%, allowing you to save energy automatically without sacrificing on performance.

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