Ubiquiti Networks Picostation2, Cpe M Series Hp PICOM2-H

KSh11,000.00 KSh10,500.00

Ubiquiti Networks™ set the bar for the world’s smallest and most powerful Access Point (AP) with the original PicoStation™. The PicoStationM2HP takes the same concept to the future with integrated airMAX™ technology. The PicoStationM2HP features speeds up to 100+ Mbps and range performance of up to 500 m. It can be deployed in indoor or outdoor environments, so the PicoStationM2HP is ideal for applications requiring medium‑range performance and a minimal installation footprint. The high performance, small form factor, and low cost of the PicoStationM2HP make it extremely versatile and economical to deploy


Networks Picostation2, Cpe M Series Hp PICOM2-H


Network coverage:


360° at a range of up to 500 m

Power Supply  POE
 output power 600mW
Temperature -30 to +80° C
Flash Memory:




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