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SEO has been changing over time and choosing one of the professional SEO services to help you access experts who understand the algorithm updates that search engines have been using over time. They can define the most efficient for the current time. 

There are many SEO services, but those that help to improve web presence on the search engines or the digital reach with the organic search are the professionals. There are many things about SEO and ranking that a layman in tech activities might not understand. The best strategy is to work with professional SEO services that are up-to-date with changes that help in increasing the number of visitors to a website.


We are a team of highly experienced, passionate and SEO experts who are ready for any challenge. We focus on your business, your competitors and outrank them for good.

What makes Professional SEO Services in Kenya? 

Out of the many SEO services online that claim to have professionals, you can determine the most professional by checking these essential factors:

1. Experience  

A new SEO company might not have a grasp of the way to use search engine optimization for capitalizing on search engine algorithms.   Experience in the success of digital space matters a lot. You can only get excellent results from an SEO company with significance experience, especially in optimizing with businesses in your specialist field.  The experienced SEO companies have a better understanding of the way search engines find websites because it is their daily business. They can choose the best-targeted SEO campaigns for your sites specialty 

SEO services run by experienced professionals have much knowledge about the dynamics of local and international markets. Such professionals can anticipate your expectations, offer suggestions on improving your ranking and deliver the desired results.

2. A good reputation  

Professional SEO services must be having many clients, and it is essential to find their comments regarding the kind of optimization they got.  Customer reviews provide an honest opinion about the SEO service they got and if it helped to increase traffic and conversions to their website.   The information on SEO services in Kenya is on review websites, online resources, and blog discussions. Forums that gather comments, feedback and grievances regarding their services are another good source of information to review performance. Professionals will not even fear to provide contacts of their current and past customers on request.


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3. Use of latest techniques 

Online marketing is a field that is constantly expanding and SEO techniques are evolving to accommodate the expansion. A professional SEO agency constantly monitors new changes and updates in SEO techniques.   Analysis of new techniques helps to apply them according to the needs of the clients and improving the relevance of web content.  Search engine algorithms change constantly making it essential to work with professional services that are smart enough to implement techniques that follow behind. They will even inform you about the discovery of better optimization techniques mid-way through your task.

4. Use of the ethical methodology 

Professional SEO services in Kenya respect ethics and use white hat methodologies when providing services. They use white hat or ethical techniques targeting the human audience. White hat SEO techniques include use of keywords, rewriting Meta tags to enhance relevance, link building, backlinking and writing content. Professionals do not use black hat techniques such as spamming, doorway pages or invisible text for boosting search engine results position.  Black hat techniques can provide quick results, but search engines prohibit their use and carry out strict monitoring.  Your website will be penalized or banned if search engines find that you are using these unprofessional techniques. 

You should find professional services that use ethical and approved SEO methods. A good SEO service provider improves the SEO friendliness of a website using link building, focused keywords, relevant content and optimization of the business website. 

 Narrow down to the professional SEO services in Kenya with a record of employing ethical strategies when you need assistance to optimize your website.  It is only the expert services that can get the name of your brand to the first page of search engines. 


Internal Links Optimization: Get insights about your internal link texts and page authority metrics for up to 1000 pages.
Social Media Marketing: We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engines and track crawler access..
Content Submission: We’ll post and share your URLs, text/media content across search engines and directories.
Keyword Suggestion: Get unlimited suggestions of keywords and phrases related to your business.



At Mambo we recognize that every entity’s circumstances are a bit different. This is the reason why we adapt our SEO and marketing strategies according to your company’s individual objectives, budget and size.


Mambo has now been steadily expanding for over a decade and over the years we’ve only perfected the craft. We make use of effective methodologies, practices and techniques to get positive results for long term.


We keep track of activities and provide you with a report. This way you can always measure progress, with this you won’t have to wonder whether your marketing investments have even paid off at all.


You will be in direct communication with your own SEO expert. Give us a call any time and speak to your own personal digital marketing consultant and we will adjust our Plan according to your specifications.


It depends on a number of factors and these can only be determined after we have done an analysis of your websites, keywords and other aspects. With Us be sure to rank top on google and get heavy target traffic.

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