Reliable Web Hosting In Kenya

Reliable Web Hosting In Kenya


Majority of the websites are for online business, and they can only function well by finding a web host service that you trust it will deliver to your expectations. A website that is slow or down causes loss of business because many will not be patient to stay longer waiting for loading.

Make sure that you find a company wills a record of providing reliable web hosting in Kenya. There are reliable web hosts offering packages tailored for Kenya, such as that is passionate to meet the needs of the customers while providing much uptime and best speeds as possible.


We are a professional and reliable hosting company that is passionate about Web hosting services. Our plans are tailored to include standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support and 99.9% uptime. We have a state-of-art hosting infrastructure and reliable team of experts for advanced support and best hosting experience.

Reliable Web Hosting Services Providers in Kenya

Always look at these qualities that help to determine if a web host can meet your hosting needs.

1. Guaranteed uptime 

Reliable web hosting must include a guarantee that your website will be available all time without downtime. Many visitors associate the performance of your website with the quality of service or products you sell. They might assume your slow loading site is a pointer to an inability to perform.  Ask about uptime and the backup plans by a host if there is downtime to prevent loss of valuable visitors due to an incident that got poor handling.

2. Storage capacity and bandwidth

Determine the amount of space that the provider and it fits the purpose of your website. Some offer a few GB to fit your purpose, but if your website has much content and transaction go for a host providing unlimited volumes even for many websites.

If you allow frequent uploads and downloads or multimedia, be careful to choose a service with appropriate bandwidth. Some hosting sites charge for cumulative data used by uploading and downloading within a specific period usually a month. You will pay per MBs uses or visitors to your site if you exhaust bandwidth.  It will be expensive in the long run. You should instead find the web hosting plans offering unlimited bandwidth.

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3. Speed  

Website speed and uptime move hand in hand for website performance.   Well performing sites load fast, and any slowing will affect the business.  Find web hosting service that uses the latest server technology that delivers high speed and unparalleled uptime like Mambo Microsystems LTD.  A reliable host should not put your site on an overloaded server because it will make it slow and frustrating. Slow speeds make visitors start finding alternative sites.   You might get the promise of fast speed nut always test web hosts by visiting their website to see if their pages load fast or slowly.  What you witness the same way your website will perform.

4. Email and e-commerce features  

Email accounts are a crucial bit for web hosting. A host should have the capacity to accommodate the number of email accounts you require. Reliable web hosting companies like    allows many email accounts up to unlimited offer if that is what suits your business. The ability to integrate with other email programs like Gmail and Yahoo among is something you should determine before subscribing to hosting plan. It is essential than some of the tech stuff that you might not even utilize. The best web hosts also have features for e-commerce websites. Confirm availability of the key features like SSL certification, dedicated IP, and simple software installation.

5. Affordability

You should get an opportunity to pay according to the number of features you will access.  A higher price should be equal to access to more features.    For instance, Mambo Microsystems LTD offers flexible hosting plans, economy, standard, and business.  The economy plan has the lowest price of Kes 3000/year for 15 GB and email accounts, yet it has a free domain name, cPanel, and unlimited bandwidth. Standard plan cost Kes 360 and Kes 9000 for a business that has all feature in the other two and more capacity.  Its features include unlimited email accounts, websites, MYSQL database, and free SSL certificate.

Always check out for key features when you are searching for reliable web hosting in Kenya as they are integral in website performance.


Affordable Web Hosting: Our prices are incredibly competitive and affordable and include an extensive lists of features.
Customer Tailored Support: We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the best experience hence their satisfaction.
Complete Simplicity: Our services are designed to be very easy to use right from our order form and the control panel.
Outstanding Uptime: At Mambo we are committed to providing a secure and reliable hosting environment.
Regular Backup: We always ensure your files are safe. Should you accidentally delete some of your files, we can restore a previous copy.
Free site builder: Our plans include a free site builder. Create your website with our easy to use website builder.

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We offer 24/7 support to clients over multiple support channels. Our team web designers, engineers and customer success experts ensure that you get the best experience by handling all your inquiries and general support needs.


Web Hosting Plans at Mambo is fully optimized for reliability, security, user-friendliness, and performance. We have a combination of resources that will ensure enhanced performance.


Every component is fully redundant from power supply to network card to the high-speed SAN delivering unparalleled uptime. We do everything to ensure our entire customer's experience the highest possible. We offer a 99.9% uptime.


Our hosting plans come with a lot of features which include free site builder, one-click script installer, more than 50 scripts, and CDN services. Our service team does a great job of ensuring that you are running smoothly

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