Samsung set to invest $22 billion in AI and 5G Tech Research and Development Being at the Core

Being the number one selling phone on the planet is not enough for Samsung. After shipping over 70 million phones in the last quarter of this year, Samsung has announced their new ambitious venture into AI, 5G tech and futuristic new technologies to grow their customer base and of course, their profits. They have set aside 25 trillion won to make their dreams come to life. They also have a big agenda to set and a reputation to repair in their home country of Korea. Creating 40,000 new jobs, double their anticipated number is no easy feat.

However, the conglomerate is gearing to take on the world and make new chips that will blow the technology industry away. After surpassing Intel, their chief rival in the chip creating area, they have done both a good job and will have a tough time maintaining the top spot. This is why investing in their own research and design is the best thing they could do for themselves.

The top spot is no joke and their new dedication to making it big in futuristic technology and biopharmaceuticals is bound to pay off. Yes, they are also focused on giving solutions to the ‘chronic and hard to cure diseases’. Challenging the pharmaceutical industry and answering the prayers of researchers and scientists who have been waiting for a moment like this. With an estimated 1000 jobs set aside for research and development alone, we can all hope to find answers to those hard-hitting illnesses we all hate.

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The conglomerate plans to disburse the $22 billion over the next three years, as part of their overall plan of expenditure for $160 billion. Although the smartphone marketplace is lagging due to the influx of thousands of models worldwide, it is safe to say that Samsung has made a hefty amount of money. The ambitious new plan includes having AI in all its devices by 2020. Including kitchen appliances such as the fridge and cooker as well as house appliances like the laundry machine and the likes. So far, this is all achievable as seen in their devices, they have been heading in that direction.

Their new personal digital assistant Bixby, has some catching up to do. As compared to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana and the popular Alexa by Amazon; their research and development here will be welcomed by many. Bixby is available on their latest flagship phones, Samsung S9+ and S8. The virtual assistant developed by Samsung electronics can be sideloaded on older models of Samsung devices running on the android nougat version. Samsung also recently upgraded and rebooted their S voice, their voice assistant app which was initially introduced in 2012 with the Galaxy S 3 model at the time.

Bixby has been developed to be more flexible than its counterparts like Alexa for example. Meaning you do not have to memorize commands that it can respond to. The new intelligent interface is also designed to be used for smartphones and beyond. The design should be able to cater for all their smart devices. Given that it is now the world’s leading electronics manufacturer, Samsung has their work cut out for them to keep growing hence the bulk of their investment has been set aside for the chip division.

It will also invest more in flash memory products and cater to the demand for more data centers. The internet of things and automated driving has not been forgotten. As part of the next generation of new technologies, Samsung plans to invest in developing these areas. Now all this news of new research and development may scare their rivals, but as Apple was recently declared a trillion-dollar company the competition has only just begun and is not ending any time soon.

In addition, Samsung has also suffered a rare slow financial quarter and is keen on developing new sources of revenue to keep the ball rolling. The Galaxy Note 9 is anticipated to come with a flexible new OLED technology.


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