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SEO helps in improving visibility on the search engines, ranking, traffic, and conversion. You must know about the strategies to keep optimizing your website, but since it is technical, hiring a specialist will yield better results. If you want to increase the visibility of your website for a Kenyan business, you should find SEO experts in Kenya who are on top of the digital game. Online business is very competitive. SEO experts know much about internet marketing and analyzing the potential competitors to define the best strategies for overtaking them.


We are a team of highly experienced, passionate and SEO experts who are ready for any challenge. We focus on your business, your competitors and outrank them for good.

Qualities of Good SEO Experts in Kenya 

1. Experience  

It is only the SEO   experts who have skills who can define the latest strategies to make a website gain a competitive edge. A person who offers SEO services should be familiar with website configurations and your particular industry.   Search engine experts should know the way to alter the design of a site to make it friendlier to search engines. They can even find out if the low ranking could be a result of a penalty and think of the strategy to correct problems.

2. Good SEO efforts  

A company that repair electronics should not have broken down equipment in their office as it is a sign of incompetence. A company that provides SEO services should have made tremendous SEO efforts. It is not always that you should rate them on the search engine rankings alone because they might not rank on the first page for all relevant search terms. Even the best SEO experts do not have a guarantee of page one ranking.  If the SEO firm began in recent years, it would be impossible to outrank the established companies that have been in business for long. 

You should instead look out for things like local SEO techniques, Meta descriptions, website optimization, and more. You want to ensure that the SEO experts are doing the right things to optimize their site. It is an indication that they implement the techniques that they promise the customers.


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3. Clear optimization process 

Someone can only be an SEO expert if there are clear strategies to optimize websites. You should on request get insights about work it entails to improve your site and the techniques that SEO experts will follow. You can ask for a weekly plan of action to boost the performance of your site. Weekly and monthly reports will help you to keep track of all the tasks on your site.   It is helpful to know if all the implementations work by reading the progress report and checking the website’s performance.

4. Commitment to keyword research and analysis 

Internet users will find your site if it is among the top ones for relevant search terms.  Work with SEO experts who know the most common search terms for your target.   They should research and find the proper keywords targeting the Kenyan audience since this is your first target. You can also research on the keywords focusing on search volume and the competition to determine if you are in agreements with the SEO experts. 

Agree to target the keywords with the most relevance to your niche to receive highly targeted traffic onto your website. Targeting keywords with relevance to your niche increases chances to get highly targeted traffic to your site.  Visitors to your website will have an interest in particular information relevant to your niche.  There are several tools for researching the best keywords to target for an SEO campaign. Google Adwords one of the most common tools that many Kenyans use to find the particular keywords you can target for campaigns across search engines. 

 Referrals, case studies of previous work, and customer testimonials will enable you to determine if the SEO experts in Kenya meets the expectations of the customers. Case studies are the most valuable way to determine if SEO experts can optimize your website efficiently.


Internal Links Optimization: Get insights about your internal link texts and page authority metrics for up to 1000 pages.
Social Media Marketing: We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engines and track crawler access..
Content Submission: We’ll post and share your URLs, text/media content across search engines and directories.
Keyword Suggestion: Get unlimited suggestions of keywords and phrases related to your business.



At Mambo we recognize that every entity’s circumstances are a bit different. This is the reason why we adapt our SEO and marketing strategies according to your company’s individual objectives, budget and size.


Mambo has now been steadily expanding for over a decade and over the years we’ve only perfected the craft. We make use of effective methodologies, practices and techniques to get positive results for long term.


We keep track of activities and provide you with a report. This way you can always measure progress, with this you won’t have to wonder whether your marketing investments have even paid off at all.


You will be in direct communication with your own SEO expert. Give us a call any time and speak to your own personal digital marketing consultant and we will adjust our Plan according to your specifications.


It depends on a number of factors and these can only be determined after we have done an analysis of your websites, keywords and other aspects. With Us be sure to rank top on google and get heavy target traffic.

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