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Reliable Security From a Trusted Source

As a GoDaddy Premium Partner, Mambo Microsystems offers market leading security at an affordable price. Secure Socket layer (SSL) Certificates, also known as digital certificates, encrypt your data transmissions before the data is passed through the Internet. With more people shopping on the Web every day, eCommerce security is especially critical. Now when your customers submit their credit card numbers and personal information, both of you can rest assured their information will remain safe and secure.

Security Customized to Fit Your Needs

With multiple options to choose from, Domain.com offers a thawte SSL certificate to fit your security needs. Our SSL certificates vary in their level of authentication and encryption, while each boasts 24x5 free support and quick issuance speeds.

How They Work

SSL Certificates confirm you are who you say you are in the online space. Typically, businesses use a certificate to establish a trusted gateway between themselves and their customers. Then, when customers submit their personal information online, their data will be protected from misuse.

Much like your driver’s license is issued by the government, an SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted, third-party authority whose responsibility it is to validate your identity and provide encryption for your data..

SSL Certificates bind an identity to a pair of electronic keys that are used to encrypt and decipher digital information. A public key encrypts the information, whereas a private key decrypts the information. This process allows the system to verify someone’s authority to use a given key while helping to prevent the misuse of keys by impersonators.

Compare our SSL Certificates

At Mambo, you have a choice between four different security certificates—all provide the industry’s highest level of encryption from a partner you can trust, thawte. Your choice of digital certificate depends mainly your requirements like: time of issuance, degree of protection or level of desired authentication. Compare and buy here


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