Is E-Healthcare, the new digital commerce in Africa? Increased mobile innovations indicates a growing industry

There is ample access to new technology on the African continent. As a budding hub with 1 billion people full of potential, it is no wonder tech giants and foregoing investors are looking to the continent for new technological frontiers. With a relatively young population, with more than half of the continent’s inhabitants falling in the age range of between 18-35, Africa is the youngest […]

Connectivity predictions in Sub Saharan Africa by 2025 Africa continues to rise to the digital occasion

At the GSMA Mobile 360 event taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, the company released a mobile report based on sub-Saharan Africa. According to their report, an estimated 52% of Africans which translates to 634 million will be connected to a mobile service by 2025. The report released in 2017 shows that at present, 44% are connected to a mobile service, which are an estimated 444 […]

Algeria Gets Internet Blackout Algeria takes etxreme measure to curb exam cheating

On Wednesday, Algeria took an extreme step to curb cheating. The entire nation received an internet blackout at the start of national exams. The move is meant to avoid students from cheating during the examination period. For a total of two hours, internet connections were cut across the country to coincide with the start of two national exams. Furthermore, all devices with internet access including […]

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