Android 9 has a name and its PIE! P is for Pie, what you need to know.

  The latest upcoming version of Android was introduced to the masses for future release by Google. Android lovers have been guessing the new probable nickname since its reveal. Only, it seems obvious now, because it is a very simple name: Pie. This new version has been available in beta for the past few months for tech enthusiasts to try out the edgy new developments […]

Google Acts as a Gatekeeper on the Play Store. Google tightens belt on rogue apps

Android is by far the platform with the widest variety of apps to choose from as well as the most used store for mobile applications. To date, Android is available on over 24,000 different devices offered by over one thousand three hundred brands to users worldwide. These users rely on Android to deliver the more than one million applications on the store main platform, the […]

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