What are the best examples of the ‘Internet of things’? How IoT is already changing life at home

The internet of things or in short, IoT refers to the growing network of physical devices that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. It also describes the communication that occurs between these devices and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Basically, how they talk to each other. The internet of things is also referred to as the internet of everything, IoE. It consists of all […]

Samsung set to invest $22 billion in AI and 5G Tech Research and Development Being at the Core

Being the number one selling phone on the planet is not enough for Samsung. After shipping over 70 million phones in the last quarter of this year, Samsung has announced their new ambitious venture into AI, 5G tech and futuristic new technologies to grow their customer base and of course, their profits. They have set aside 25 trillion won to make their dreams come to […]

Facebook Takes Action to Curb Fake News on Social Media Facebook tackles fake news on its platform

Facebook recently announced through their Production Manager, Tessa Lyons that Facebook has put in place new measures to curb and ultimately stop the spread of fake news. Fake news has proven to be a major problem in 2017 and in 2018 it is still affecting us greatly. In India, at least 7 people were lynched and killed due to the spreading of fake news around […]

Google to Launch its First AI Center in Ghana Artificial Intelligence is making its debut in Africa

Google has announced that it will be opening its first artificial intelligence center in Africa later this year. The center will be based in Accra, Ghana. Google is a proud software forward company and implements elements of artificial intelligence in its products. From Google camera in their flagship phone Pixel, Google photos, and Google Assistant. The AI branch in Accra will serve as a research […]

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