South Africa Drafts a Bill to Tax Cryptocurrencies Now part of taxable income

In April, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) announced its plan to start taxing cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency frenzy has taken over, and investors and wealthy millionaires are all racing for a piece of the blockchain pie. However, some are skeptical that blockchain and especially bitcoin works more like a pyramid scheme. The likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have been keen to warn people […]

Cryptocurrency Gets New Lease of Life in Kenya CBK Governor cites confidence in blockchain technology for Kenyans

The CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge observed that there is legitimacy in blockchain technology. Specifically, the bitcoin. The governor had previously cited uncertainties in the cryptocurrency warning Kenyans it is a Ponzi scheme. An eleven-member task force has been assigned to study the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. This team was put together two months and a report on their findings is expected in the next […]

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