Cheap Cloud Hosting

Cheap cloud hosting is based on an innovative computing technology allowing unlimited machines to act as one. It is more advanced than shared hosting or dedicated servers on accessibility because they depend on one machine because it guarantees hosting security for many servers. It also allows easy integration of any extra resources like space or RAM to enable website growth.  Tips to Get Cheap Cloud Hosting   Cheap cloud hosting should also have quality that you can gauge by considering […]

Kenya Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is a type of hosting that involves saving files remotely on virtual space. The users of this service can access information through the internet without being at a specific place. Cloud hosting is providing the service of allowing users to store files as well as applications on remote servers for access to the data through the internet.  Cloud hosting eliminates the need to […]

What Is Cloud Monitoring? Cloud monitoring ensures the safety of your network.

Cloud monitoring is the process of evaluating, monitoring and managing cloud-based services, applications, and infrastructure. It is mainly, part of cloud security and management processes. It is implemented through automated monitoring software that provides central access and control over cloud infrastructure. Cloud administrators can review the operational status and health of any cloud-based device or component. In addition to monitoring and ensuring cloud infrastructure/solution/service availability, […]

Should a New Start-Up Use Cloud Base Hosting? Cloud Base Hosting is more beneficial than traditional hosting

A startup ranges from an online store to a multi-million-dollar company in Silicon Valley. Depending on the kind of business you run, you may choose cloud hosting as your preferred choice. This is because cloud hosting offers more in terms of resources than the average web hosting service. While shared web hosting is easy on the budget and low to maintain, it does not offer […]

Is Cloud Hosting Secure? Cloud Hosting Security Could Be Better Here's Why

Cloud hosting refers to storing of client data on a server. Cloud is considered a secure place to store data by organizations and individuals. A security threat is palpable when bot the cloud hosting company and interested part do not take acceptable measures to determine security. Cloud computing security involves a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect data and applications. Organizations […]

The Power Benefits of Cloud Hosting

As the wheels of technology keep evolving, new and better technological benefits come with it. This is reason enough for every business entity to keep up and in turn, reap full benefits for business growth and management. In this case, every business should be up to date with the newest form of hosting, Cloud Hosting. This is a new and superior form of hosting as […]

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