WhatsApp has a new feature that reportedly detects suspicious links The messenger platform is fighting the spread of fake news

WhatsApp has reportedly introduced a new feature that will be able to detect a suspicious link by marking and flagging it. The warning should appear with a red label to show that the site or link is not a trustworthy one. The SMS platform,has endured their fair share of problems, including battling fake news spreading on the platform by users. Recent news in India has […]

Facebook Takes Action to Curb Fake News on Social Media Facebook tackles fake news on its platform

Facebook recently announced through their Production Manager, Tessa Lyons that Facebook has put in place new measures to curb and ultimately stop the spread of fake news. Fake news has proven to be a major problem in 2017 and in 2018 it is still affecting us greatly. In India, at least 7 people were lynched and killed due to the spreading of fake news around […]

Zambia Enforces New Law to Curb Fake News on Social Media Africa Vs Social Media

Fake News seems to be claiming the freedoms and lives of many. Recently in India, the spread of fake news on social media has led to the death of at least seven people. In East Africa, Uganda has recently taken the initiative to curb the spread of fake news and gossip by taxing social media services effective from July 1st. Kenya has also put in […]

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