Finserve: Equity’s Introduction to Financial Technology

The idea for Finserve came a few years ago, in 2016 when the model was unveiled to make business transactions seamless between African countries. It promised a hassle-free experience when sending and receiving payments from a different country. The original idea was to work with financial providers and businesses across borders to merge various payment options in the east and central Africa on one convenient […]

Okolea: The Kenyan lending app with a twist Accompanied by different interest bands

  Once again, another lending app has been launched in Kenya. With the likes of the American Branch, Kenya’s own Tala, Safaricom’s Mshwari, KCB loans via KCB bank, Pesapap by Family bank and CBA Loop with Commercial Bank of Africa, the list goes on. Kenya is a loan taking economy and a nation that thrives on loans as a stepping stone for entrepreneurial ventures. The […]

FinTech competition just increased in Kenya Financial Technology on the rise in Kenya

The parent company of TECNO Mobile, Itel, and Infinix has decided to venture into the Kenyan Fintech marketplace. Transsion, the company behind the various mobile brands has announced their venture into mobile money transactions. The company through a joint venture with NetEase, a Chinese internet firm is preparing to launch their own mobile money services app named PalmPay. Mobile money services in Kenya is a […]

Pesapal Integrates Visa to Mobile Mobile money Transactions Include Visa Payment Channel

Pesapal, the popular mobile money transaction app has made a move to integrate Visa into its payment systems. The move will see Visa become one of the options for online and mobile money payment for customers. Previously Visa used the mVisa for mobile money transactions. Their attachment to Pesapal gives the card company more exposure to their client base with twenty-one thousand businesses available, to […]

Branch International Secures KES 350 Million Funding The Rise and Rise of Fintech in Kenya

Branch International, the popular loan app has managed to secure funding to the tune of KES 350 million. The fintech company plans to use the money to further expand their market horizons in Kenya as well as to India and Mexico. The app has been very successful in Kenya, managing to penetrate and provide loans to an estimated 1 million Kenyans. The funding came from […]

Myriad Connect to Assist in Tackling Financial Fraud in Kenya Financial Fraud to Receive Counter Attack

Myriad Connect is a French firm based in Paris that specializes in mobile security. The firm is operational in 14 other African markets. Most recently penetrating the Kenyan market to curb financial fraud in the country. Online and mobile money scams have hit the Kenyan economy hard, as the country has lost billions in the past from fraudulent transactions and attacks. The mobile security firm […]

Digital Loans to be Regulated in Kenya by Finance Ministry Digital Loans shall be regulated soon according to the new Finance draft bill

Kenya is one of the pioneers when it comes to igital loans and mobile money transfer services with M-Pesa, Airtel Money leading the way.However, with the innovations in mobile money come new challenges. This time it is not the lack of money but maybe having too much of it. Loans have become a way of life. We need to sustain ourselves beyond a paycheck and […]

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