Google Chrome has a New Design for its 10th Anniversary What to expect on the new user interface

  Alphabet celebrated the 10th anniversary for their pioneer search engine browser chrome. For its anniversary Google announced some changes for the world’s most popular browser. The changes are both aesthetic and functional for their millions of users. Also see: Reliable Web Hosting Company Most notably their app has a flatter looking design that is more in line with googles material design principles. The look […]

Can we mix office 365 and Google drive for business? The discourse of integration and familiarity

The answer is, Yes. They can be mixed. The problem is integration will become an issue. This is because Microsoft products easily mesh with their own products and services. The same goes for Google products and services. For example, Microsoft one drive for business will integrate more smoothly with office 365 than google drive.  There is no need to add complexities to a provided solution. […]

Android 9 has a name and its PIE! P is for Pie, what you need to know.

  The latest upcoming version of Android was introduced to the masses for future release by Google. Android lovers have been guessing the new probable nickname since its reveal. Only, it seems obvious now, because it is a very simple name: Pie. This new version has been available in beta for the past few months for tech enthusiasts to try out the edgy new developments […]

Google Acts as a Gatekeeper on the Play Store. Google tightens belt on rogue apps

Android is by far the platform with the widest variety of apps to choose from as well as the most used store for mobile applications. To date, Android is available on over 24,000 different devices offered by over one thousand three hundred brands to users worldwide. These users rely on Android to deliver the more than one million applications on the store main platform, the […]

Google’s Project Loon Seeking Kenyan Partnership Project Loon Seeks to Establish Internet Connectivity in Remote Areas

X, a research and Development Company by Google is seeking partnership with a Kenyan telecom company to launch its internet balloon system. The company prides itself as a pioneer for the internet balloon system which has been in the test stage in various parts of rural Kenya since August last year. Some of the areas include Marsabit, Nanyuki, Nyeri, and Nakuru. The ideas were welcomed […]

Google Retires Ad Words and DoubleClick Google Rebrands to Google Ads

Google has retired and rebranded their advertising services Google Ad Words and Double Click. Their advertising software has undergone a mega overhaul to acquire a new name and friendlier user interface for its customers. Google has said there are no fee changes or merging of any services. Instead, they have a single platform, Google Ads for basic tool buying for ads. There will be access […]

Kenyan Developers can Now Sell Apps on Google Play Store Kenyan developers get access to publish paid apps.

Google just put Kenya on a list of African countries that can access the google merchant account. The google merchant account allows developers to publish paid apps. This news comes soon after Google integrated an Xpress billing method with M-PESA that allows Android users to pay for apps directly via their MPESA accounts. Kenya is among a chosen few countries in Africa including Tanzania, Tunisia, […]

Google to Launch its First AI Center in Ghana Artificial Intelligence is making its debut in Africa

Google has announced that it will be opening its first artificial intelligence center in Africa later this year. The center will be based in Accra, Ghana. Google is a proud software forward company and implements elements of artificial intelligence in its products. From Google camera in their flagship phone Pixel, Google photos, and Google Assistant. The AI branch in Accra will serve as a research […]

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