Where is the Internet of Things headed to?

The term Internet of Things IoT has always been a mystery to most people. Many of our physical devices are becoming increasingly connected and so is the technological advancements that keep on advancing. But, what is this term known as IoT? What does the Internet of Things Mean? Also see: Kenya’s top web hosting company Put simply, Internet of Things IoT are the physical devices […]

Smart home solutions selling in the USA

The world today continues to evolve with all the technological advances that is constantly being formulated by many tech industries. The situation has led to many gadgets and devices becoming manufactured thus meeting and improving the needs of consumers. Today, smart homes are everywhere in the US. Many marketers are marketing these products and homes to prospective clients on residents that use internet-connected devices enabling […]

What are the segments of the Internet of Things?

The internet of things has been explored and developed and continues to grow. With small and big implementations taking place carefully, there is a lot to be said with regard to the projects being undertaken in certain fields. Smart City As of now, Smart city has proven to be the largest it segments with 23pc of the IoT projects underway going down in this category. […]

What are the best examples of the ‘Internet of things’? How IoT is already changing life at home

The internet of things or in short, IoT refers to the growing network of physical devices that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. It also describes the communication that occurs between these devices and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. Basically, how they talk to each other. The internet of things is also referred to as the internet of everything, IoE. It consists of all […]

Internet of Things: How does it influence people’s everyday lives From your smartphone to your car, the internet of things take over is here

The internet of things is a term that widely explains the inter-connection of smart devices and the way these devices will impact our lives as part of the new technologies movement taking place. We can already attest to be living in the age of the ‘internet of things’ as we now have wearable smart devices such as the Apple watch and various items that allow […]

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