Airtel Expands 4G Coverage in Kenya 4G Coverage to reach local urban centers

In a new move to settle the score among Kenya’s rivaling telecoms, Airtel has finally expanded coverage outside of the country’s two major cities, Mombasa and Nairobi. This move is most beneficial to the Kenyan smartphone user. Given that both Safaricom and Telkom are offering 4G coverage, it serves as another affordable avenue to browse the web. Airtel is widely known for its friendly data […]

Algeria Gets Internet Blackout Algeria takes etxreme measure to curb exam cheating

On Wednesday, Algeria took an extreme step to curb cheating. The entire nation received an internet blackout at the start of national exams. The move is meant to avoid students from cheating during the examination period. For a total of two hours, internet connections were cut across the country to coincide with the start of two national exams. Furthermore, all devices with internet access including […]

5G Network Encompasses Unbelievable Speed and Low Latency 5G Network Provides Broadband Speeds for Mobile Devices!

The fifth-generation network will allow for downloads and upload speed of up to 20 gigabytes per second! This is like delivery broadband over a smartphone device. The kind of delivery speeds expected over mobile devices will be revolutionary. The fifth-generation network is expected to play a significant role in a machine to machine learning and positively disrupt the telecommunications industry as we know it. Machine […]

Digital Video Content Proves Popular in Kenya 97% of adult Kenyans with internet access use digital video services.

According to a GfK ViewScape survey, 97% of adult Kenyans with internet access use digital video services. Video content is very popular in Kenya and an estimated two-thirds of that percentage pay for online video content. The ViewScape survey covered Africa for the first time. Launching surveys in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. GfK ViewScape surveys 1250 Kenyans with internet access and presented interesting findings. […]

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