Solvatten: Where Technology Meets Solar and Water How one Swedish company is making water safer with tech and some sunshine

In the capital city of Kenya, the East African tech and investment hub, with multiple skyscrapers and over 3 million people; water is still rationed. Believe it or not the African metropolitan still faces multiple issues with consistent clean water running through its taps. It is not uncommon to see a local vendor with containers full of water circling estates, especially during a dry or […]

Find Out How Technology is Reducing Water Scarcity in Kenya IBM pitches in to resolve water scarcity in arid zones

Researchers have come together to create a water management platform for Kenyans who live in arid areas and counties riddled with constant drought. Out of the approximately 46 million Kenyans, a solid 41 pc rely on water from natural resources such as ponds, shallow wells, and rivers. A challenge that is experienced especially in the rural areas. Also check: Reliable Web hosting company In the […]

Okolea: The Kenyan lending app with a twist Accompanied by different interest bands

  Once again, another lending app has been launched in Kenya. With the likes of the American Branch, Kenya’s own Tala, Safaricom’s Mshwari, KCB loans via KCB bank, Pesapap by Family bank and CBA Loop with Commercial Bank of Africa, the list goes on. Kenya is a loan taking economy and a nation that thrives on loans as a stepping stone for entrepreneurial ventures. The […]

Kenyan Anti-Counterfeit Agency services go digital Digital monitoring to help curb counterfeit activities

After several high-profile corruption cases in the country, the office of the director of public prosecution has made an effort to rake out individuals who commit a criminal offense. In the same nature, the anti-counterfeit agency (ACA) has received financial support worth $1.5 million dollars (KES 150 Million) to support the digitization of their operations and services. In an agreement signed on Monday in the […], Kenya’s Own Shopify Register,Create and Sell Online.

E-commerce is big everywhere today. Some of the world’s richest companies by revenue are e-commerce companies. Think Alibaba, think Amazon, think Jumia. Africa’s first unicorn company, with a valuation of over $1 billion. It seems the only way to go now is online. Shopping starts online before moving to a proper store today. Many Kenyan boutiques have started that way, becoming such success online that […]

Airtel Expands 4G Coverage in Kenya 4G Coverage to reach local urban centers

In a new move to settle the score among Kenya’s rivaling telecoms, Airtel has finally expanded coverage outside of the country’s two major cities, Mombasa and Nairobi. This move is most beneficial to the Kenyan smartphone user. Given that both Safaricom and Telkom are offering 4G coverage, it serves as another affordable avenue to browse the web. Airtel is widely known for its friendly data […]

Kenyan Wins, Top African Telecommunications Seat New Secretary General for African Telecommunications Union, Succeeded by Mr. John Omo

  Kenya recently made waves in the technology industry by winning the top seat for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Africa. Mr. John Omo was elected the new Secretary General for the African telecommunications union. He claimed this victory after securing 23 votes, to beat his only competitor for the position Burundi’s Constaque Hakizimana who managed only two votes against the new secretary general […]

Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Progress and communities in Kenya

Machine learning is the new frontier of the technology industry. Artificial intelligence has already been implemented by some countries to operate self-driving cars and home robots. The new technological developments are both challenging and innovative. The main reason behind artificial intelligence is to facilitate life with simpler methods of dealing with complex solutions. Easy long-lasting solutions that embrace yet again, the future. It is dynamic […]

FinTech competition just increased in Kenya Financial Technology on the rise in Kenya

The parent company of TECNO Mobile, Itel, and Infinix has decided to venture into the Kenyan Fintech marketplace. Transsion, the company behind the various mobile brands has announced their venture into mobile money transactions. The company through a joint venture with NetEase, a Chinese internet firm is preparing to launch their own mobile money services app named PalmPay. Mobile money services in Kenya is a […]

Safaricom to Make an Entry into Ethiopian Market M-PESA set out to modify mobile money in Ethiopia

Shortly after Reuters reported that Kenya’s Safaricom is in advanced talks to introduce M-PESA to the landlocked country of Ethiopia, their Head of State Abiy Mohammed soon confirmed it via Twitter. Safaricom has previously expressed an interest to penetrate other African markets, and it seems this news comes with the exciting new territory. Ethiopia has previously suffered by lagging behind in business and the country’s […]

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