Should a small business switch from Office Live to Office 365?

Office 365 is among the names of other suites widely suggested whenever it comes to choosing a package that greatly suits your business model. Majority of the people asked for their opinion often suggest Microsoft Office 365, but why should a small business switch from Office live to 365? What is office 365? The same parent company owns all the above Office suites i.e. Microsoft, […]

Can we mix office 365 and Google drive for business? The discourse of integration and familiarity

The answer is, Yes. They can be mixed. The problem is integration will become an issue. This is because Microsoft products easily mesh with their own products and services. The same goes for Google products and services. For example, Microsoft one drive for business will integrate more smoothly with office 365 than google drive.  There is no need to add complexities to a provided solution. […]

What is G Suite lacking? Competing for the Enterprise Market

Well, the better question is what is G suite lacking that users actually care about? From a biased standpoint, I could point out several features because I prefer to use Microsoft (not that I do, this is an example). However, what really keeps users on board for office 365 is their spreadsheet application and general common usage. People will pay a lot of money for […]

What problems will Microsoft Office 365 solve for businesses? We look at the offerings of Office 365

Microsoft Office 265 was launched in 2011, as a successor to the Microsoft Business Suite offering. It is intended to make work easier for enterprises and corporations, including non-profit organizations and schools. However, Microsoft has broadened their customer base to include small and medium-sized businesses. As well as students and professionals who work from home. As a result, they have modified their packages to reflect […]

What problems will Microsoft Office 365 Solve for Businesses? Multiple Solutions for Various Industries

Office 365 is a Microsoft solution for organizations and professionals who work remotely, need to work late or want to save on their rent. It is available as a one-off package at various price points for their different customers. Microsoft distributes software through OEMs that pre-install our software on new devices and servers they sell. The largest component of the OEM business is the Windows […]

Intel and Microsoft Commit to A New PC Platform Intel and Microsoft Commit to reframe to a personal contributor

Intel and Microsoft want to reframe the prospective users have of the personal computer. They are taking it from a regular smart device to a personal contribution platform. Where you will do your best work. Although smartphones have become the gadgets we use most, the personal computer is still a mandatory non-replaceable device. It is most useful when crafting your best work, during audio or […]

Microsoft and Strathmore Law School Partnership Microsoft to digitize the judicial system

Microsoft and Strathmore University Law School are engaged in a partnership to digitize the judicial processes and systems. Microsoft has taken on the task of elevating our judicial standards to put information online in a bid to facilitate judicial proceedings. Strathmore University is a leading commerce university in Kenya. The law school is renowned for its world-class program and intense program for students. They also […]

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