Is E-Healthcare, the new digital commerce in Africa? Increased mobile innovations indicates a growing industry

There is ample access to new technology on the African continent. As a budding hub with 1 billion people full of potential, it is no wonder tech giants and foregoing investors are looking to the continent for new technological frontiers. With a relatively young population, with more than half of the continent’s inhabitants falling in the age range of between 18-35, Africa is the youngest […]

Taxify set to expand East African Market Share The race for the ride-sharing market continues...

The East African region has attracted several foreign investors and multinationals to set up a base and get a piece of the pie. Known as Africa’s technology hub, its economic progress, and innovative prowess is what has led companies like Uber and Kenya’s own Little Ride to become successful. The American ride-sharing company is not the only Silicon Valley-based company to take root, the fintech […]

Tanda, Kenyan Startup Launches Inventory Management Solutions Convenient Solutions for Kenyan Kiosk Owners

Talk about creating solutions to a problem you have witnesses. Tanda founder Goerge Mullei, grew up helping out in a Kiosk and witnessed the challenges first hand for shop owners. Since then he forged a passion for technology and used his knowledge to cater to micro-entrepreneurs. In Kenya today small kiosks are littered on busy streets. They are found at every corner, and they are […]

FinTech competition just increased in Kenya Financial Technology on the rise in Kenya

The parent company of TECNO Mobile, Itel, and Infinix has decided to venture into the Kenyan Fintech marketplace. Transsion, the company behind the various mobile brands has announced their venture into mobile money transactions. The company through a joint venture with NetEase, a Chinese internet firm is preparing to launch their own mobile money services app named PalmPay. Mobile money services in Kenya is a […]

Connectivity predictions in Sub Saharan Africa by 2025 Africa continues to rise to the digital occasion

At the GSMA Mobile 360 event taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, the company released a mobile report based on sub-Saharan Africa. According to their report, an estimated 52% of Africans which translates to 634 million will be connected to a mobile service by 2025. The report released in 2017 shows that at present, 44% are connected to a mobile service, which are an estimated 444 […]

Huawei Launches Nation-wide ICT Competition The last competition attracted over 40,000 globally

Chinese Communication firm, Huawei has announced the launched of their ICT Skills competition in the country. The content will include university students around the nation who major in IT and networking courses. The company has affirmed that the aim of the competition is to create a platform for students to showcase both their talent and apply theoretical knowledge. The competition will also expose them to […]

Google Phone App to Block Spam Calls Google makes its first steps to fight spam

In the age of fake news, spam emails, fraudsters online and fintech theft mobile phone users have grown weary of conmen and more careful. Due to a large number of online fraudulent schemes, people have become more cautious and take the time to install apps that will protect their phones from malware and personal information being stolen. Hence, both Google and Apple users have installed […]

Myriad Connect to Assist in Tackling Financial Fraud in Kenya Financial Fraud to Receive Counter Attack

Myriad Connect is a French firm based in Paris that specializes in mobile security. The firm is operational in 14 other African markets. Most recently penetrating the Kenyan market to curb financial fraud in the country. Online and mobile money scams have hit the Kenyan economy hard, as the country has lost billions in the past from fraudulent transactions and attacks. The mobile security firm […]

DigiFarm by Safaricom Mobile Technology Secures Meru Farmers

Safaricom has partnered with iProcure, FarmDrive and Arifu to have four depots in Meru County. DigiFarm is an agribusiness solution tailored for smallholder farmers, which provides them with financing information on different crops and animals in addition to quality products and services at discounted prices. The four depots are located in Laare, Nkubu, Mikindori, and Meru. Quality and affordable inputs are available at the depots […]

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