Solvatten: Where Technology Meets Solar and Water How one Swedish company is making water safer with tech and some sunshine

In the capital city of Kenya, the East African tech and investment hub, with multiple skyscrapers and over 3 million people; water is still rationed. Believe it or not the African metropolitan still faces multiple issues with consistent clean water running through its taps. It is not uncommon to see a local vendor with containers full of water circling estates, especially during a dry or […]

Whats App Finally Launches a Profitable Venture WhatsApp for business is here!

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp for$19 billion, the messaging app has not returned the favor of profitable investment to mint some money…Until now! WhatsApp has announced their new business platform WhatsApp for businesses that is positioned as an instant messaging answer between the clients and the business. The WhatsApp Business API will allow businesses to respond to customer messages for free within 24 hours after receiving […]

Telkom Kenya Launches Its Own Data Center Telkom Kenya Makes Huge Investment

Local telecoms, banks, and fintech investors have created a competitive environment in both the IT and finance sector of the company. There have been several new entrants in the financial technology sector, from national investors to international startups set on changing the face of Africa. Kenya has always been a frontrunner for change. As a country, we have invested heavily in our own mobile money […]

Game Addiction Now a Mental Health Condition World Health Organization concerned for Gamers

Game Addiction has been declared a mental health condition by the World Health Organization. This news comes shortly after the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles. Gamers are known to spend hours on end playing video games online and with friends. This phenomenon has increased with more and more popular games being released every year. These games are accompanied by edgier gadgets to play them […]

Uber App to Detect Drunk App Users Uber has applied to patent a characteristics detection application

Uber has applied for a patent for a new technology they are developing to identify drunk users on their app. The new technology will collect data by examining users’ walking speed, the typos they make while ordering for a cab and whether the phone is swaying. These are some of the methods that will be used. The company made the patent application that would enable […]

5G Network Encompasses Unbelievable Speed and Low Latency 5G Network Provides Broadband Speeds for Mobile Devices!

The fifth-generation network will allow for downloads and upload speed of up to 20 gigabytes per second! This is like delivery broadband over a smartphone device. The kind of delivery speeds expected over mobile devices will be revolutionary. The fifth-generation network is expected to play a significant role in a machine to machine learning and positively disrupt the telecommunications industry as we know it. Machine […]

Intel and Microsoft Commit to A New PC Platform Intel and Microsoft Commit to reframe to a personal contributor

Intel and Microsoft want to reframe the prospective users have of the personal computer. They are taking it from a regular smart device to a personal contribution platform. Where you will do your best work. Although smartphones have become the gadgets we use most, the personal computer is still a mandatory non-replaceable device. It is most useful when crafting your best work, during audio or […]

New Technologies in Web Design Web design is more user friendly and mobile responsive

Web sites are an entryway to your business. A platform to present your product or service. As a result, web design has become very important in order to present your company in the right light. The website needs to be aligned with your business and provide essential information to customers. Apart from being informational, it should also be attractive and easy to navigate. Simple usability […]

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