How to buy office 365 for a very cheap price.

Office 365 is available in a variety of plans to meet your organization’s needs. Since its introduction, it has been revolutionary as a cloud service for office productivity. Their plans have been adapted to fit different demographics and business ranges. Initially, Microsoft focused its attention on enterprise centered products. Although office 365 greatly covers the need for established business students and freelance professionals have also […]

Which is better and why: Office 365 or Google Apps? Office Productivity Cloud Suites

Google Apps rebranded and is now known as the G Suite. Referring to their group of office productivity tools, like Google spreadsheets, docs, Hangouts and calendar among others. It has received several new upgrades to make it a better experience for users and especially small business owners. Other features include doc management, group calendars, and cooperative writing. When it comes to group calendars, members of […]

A review of G-Suite From Google Apps to G Suite

G Suite is Google’s suite collaboration products for the workplace, for small businesses and teams. It involves, web conferencing, file sharing and scheduling in the cloud. The suite has multiple collaborative features to facilitate teamwork. This essentially saves time by getting input from colleagues faster to improve and execute campaigns, products, services, and ideas to create a brand. Alternatively, it could simply be to confirm […]

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