Is shared hosting secure? Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting package

Shared hosting is the most affordable web hosting package offered by web hosting services. It is also often the first choice for new website owners or bloggers. Generally, it is used to test out the waters. It does not require a lot of maintenance; however, support is also at a minimum. For newbies in the web hosting market, it is good to know the risk […]

How To Choose Best WordPress Hosting Company

WordPress is a popular online and open source website content and blogging management system website. It will serve your needs whether you are a company, a good blogger, news outlet, or a music site. When you use WordPress, it is likely that you will require a hosting company. The hosting service provider will take care of all the technical aspects necessary for running your website. […]

The Power Benefits of Cloud Hosting

As the wheels of technology keep evolving, new and better technological benefits come with it. This is reason enough for every business entity to keep up and in turn, reap full benefits for business growth and management. In this case, every business should be up to date with the newest form of hosting, Cloud Hosting. This is a new and superior form of hosting as […]

Kenya Best Ranked Web Hosting

Every business today needs a website, even if it has only one employee. If you don’t have a site, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You can attract several potential clients if you have a website that is both attractive and informative. When you need to go online, you will have to choose a web hosting service provider and then create […]

Kenya Cheapest Hosting Companies

If you want your business to go online and you need a web hosting company that will match your expectations, Mambo Microsystems Ltd is your best option. We lead the industry when it comes to professional web hosting besides being Kenya’s cheapest hosting company. We can help you get that online presence you desire in minutes and keep your business ahead of the competition. We […]

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