How to buy office 365 for a very cheap price.

Office 365 is available in a variety of plans to meet your organization’s needs. Since its introduction, it has been revolutionary as a cloud service for office productivity. Their plans have been adapted to fit different demographics and business ranges. Initially, Microsoft focused its attention on enterprise centered products. Although office 365 greatly covers the need for established business students and freelance professionals have also […]

Which is best for business: G Suite or Office 365? Google VS Microsoft: The age old battle for number 1

G Suite refers to the Google Apps as its formerly known productivity suite for office. Specifically, small and medium-sized business. It includes office communication apps like Hangout and Chat, as well as others for work such as Google docs and spreadsheet. Since its launch, it has been customized severally to look and perform better. From their email service to their group calendars. This productivity suite […]

What is the best cloud service for small business? Types of Cloud Computing and What Works Best

Today small businesses are popping up everywhere. Previously where there was no space for them, has been capable by the internet. You can start your own business on Shopify, or sell things via eBay, or make your own handy crafts for sale on Etsy. The potential is limitless in the digital age and everyone is taking advantage of it. During this time, while you have […]

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