Benin Adds to List of African Countries Taxing Social Media A new addition to the list of African countries taxing social media

In what seems to be a crackdown on social media use, Benin has joined a list of African countries who have imposed social media tax on their citizens. Initially, Tanzania and Uganda were the pioneers, and soon after Egypt followed as well. The governments have deemed the move justifiable. Among the reasons include increased revenue for their respective countries and to cut down ‘Lugambo’ as […]

Twitter and Facebook Launch Tools to Monitor Advertising Advertising by Users Gets Regulated

The two social media platforms face US regulation threats for their failure in the past to disclose information on advertising on their platforms. Specifically, politically motivated ads. Twitter is the first to launch advertising tracker tools that allow users to have vital information about the ads. Including who paid for the ads. Available for users to see includes their billing information, the twitter impressions the […]

Zambia Enforces New Law to Curb Fake News on Social Media Africa Vs Social Media

Fake News seems to be claiming the freedoms and lives of many. Recently in India, the spread of fake news on social media has led to the death of at least seven people. In East Africa, Uganda has recently taken the initiative to curb the spread of fake news and gossip by taxing social media services effective from July 1st. Kenya has also put in […]

Ugandans to Pay Taxes for Social media and Internet Usage Social Media Taxes in Uganda to Curb Online Gossip says Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni mentioned taxing social media services in early April. His reasoning for this was to curb online gossip. Referred to as ‘Lugambo’ by the locals. The Ugandan people were not sure if he was serious until the Excise Duty Amendment Bill of 2018 was passed by parliament. This included taxing of all social media usage. Not only that, but it also includes […]

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