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SSL is a secure socket layer, an encryption technology that secures connections between web server and browser to prevent unauthorized parties from using other computers in between to hack.   Installation is in the form of an SSL certificate whose sign is a green bar or a padlock when you browse into such a website.   Why Buy SSL in Kenya   Kenya is an internet hub, and transferring […]

Cheap SSL in Kenya

SSL means secure socket layer an encryption technology for encrypting the connection between a web server and web browser of the visitors. It protects sensitive data while traveling across the internet from access by unauthorized malicious parties.   SSL protects information so that access is only by the intended recipient. It is essential because information passes across different computers before getting t the destined server. A […]

Kenya SSL Companies

 SSL companies provide certificates allowing encryption and securing of the communication between a website and visitors’ browser.   SSL is initials for Secure Socket Layer that provides encryption.  SSL are small files of data for binding cryptographic key to company credentials. They bid together with the domain and server names together with the information of the organization such as its name and location. These certificates are usually […]

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