Tanda, Kenyan Startup Launches Inventory Management Solutions Convenient Solutions for Kenyan Kiosk Owners

Talk about creating solutions to a problem you have witnesses. Tanda founder Goerge Mullei, grew up helping out in a Kiosk and witnessed the challenges first hand for shop owners. Since then he forged a passion for technology and used his knowledge to cater to micro-entrepreneurs. In Kenya today small kiosks are littered on busy streets. They are found at every corner, and they are the answer for quick needs. Highly convenient for anyone who needs a pack of cigarettes, a light snack or even utilities like a roll of tissue paper.Inventory readily available.

Tanda is designed to manage inventor for such kiosks. The intention is to make it easier to get what you need from wholesalers as the shop owner. After a four-month pilot, covering 200 kiosks in three locations; namely Kayole, Kawangware and Kariobangi Tanda is now launching out of the beta stage. After receiving seed funding for an undisclosed amount from White Rhino Ventures Tanda is ready to take hold. Their success with 5 well-known wholesalers has given the confidence to ahead to make their model public.

Tanda also provides vending capital for the shop owners. This is they are able to dispense items such as airtime for their customers using Tanda. According to George Mullei, founder of Tanda, they have the widest range of products for shop owners. They also have the fastest delivery time in Africa. It stands at under one hour after the order has been made. It is also the first inventory service to offer an automated credit facility. Utilities such as power and water bill payment can also be done via Tanda. Banking services and insurance are also included.
Mr. Mullei saw the challenges facing kiosk owners and decided to create a solution. He used his experience as a reference and hence, Tanda was born.
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At the moment, the following features are available at Tanda:

Inventory Management
The app allows the shop owner to connect to vendors and keep track of what they have at any given time at the shop. It then alerts them when they are running out of stock of a particular item. Most of the time, kiosk owners do not know what they are dwindling in stock until it has run out. This app will help them manage their inventory order and cater for that supply and demand.

Ordering has been made easy with direct access to multiple suppliers for goods they need in their shops. They can easily order and receive it under an hour from the time of placing an order.
Inventory Credit
Using your data from previous purchases, Tanda allows you to get goods on credit. Not losing out on opportunities.

Tanda wallet
The Tanda wallet has made Tanda vendors a one-stop shop for their errands. Using the Tanda wallet, one can engage in popular digital financial services. This includes paying bills including their water and electricity. As well as access to banking and insurance services at a Tanda agent. Mr. Mullei has a history of being a social entrepreneur.

He previously ventured into the environmental playground, and for three years he campaigned for a plastic free environment. This has earned both international and national recognition for his work. It has also led him to receive awards for his social work and Business Daily named him one among others in the Top 40 Under 40 categories.
He is also considered one of the 12 most influential entrepreneurs in Africa. His first company Inkisha was built around environmentally friendly packaging, which is how his campaign began. In Africa, there are more than 10 million informal shops selling goods worth $180 billion every year. For a long time, these micro-businesses have not had access to financial services and there has been a lack of proper business management tools.
Tanda aims to create solutions for such issues by making these services free of charge and only draws a commission from its network of suppliers on all the goods ordered via their app.

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