Technology today: a scourge or blessing? Technology has enhanced life in communication, entertainment and more.

Technology is a blessing. It has made life easier in so many ways. Cutting costs, creating jobs, enhancing the quality of life with unique devices and educating mankind. There are so many benefits to technology including improved and new medications and medical procedures. New entertainment. Growing economies due to innovative technology businesses and emerging startups.

Talking to friends over a long distance has become easy. We no longer have to send letters or make smoke signals. Sending mail has been reserved for packages. Personal and professional messages can all be sent via text message or email. Calls can now be made clearly overseas and video calls can be made to see friends and family. Applications like Skype and WhatsApp make it possible to communicate virtually with anyone in the world. Of all the sectors technology has had an effect on, communication is by far the most significant. Over three billion having access to smartphones and using the internet.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Samsung were born out of necessity. The growing demand to communicate with others on a portable device is enormous. These companies among many others strive to produce sleek phone and laptop models that are both functional and attractive. The tech industry is both lucrative and fast growing.
Online communication has brought attention to revolutions, human rights movements, elections and more newsworthy of the world’s attention. This has been achieved through social media. Platforms to connect and share daily activities with friends and family. Social media is also a forum for linking up to go for events and make dates. Travel together, book overnight stays and find work! So many different apps and social media sites have been developed for everyone in mind. People share their lives via photo and video sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

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