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Building a website is a good step, but it is not enough to make an online presence.  A website is an online shop that you want people to visit to see and buy the products. There are different ways to get visitors to a website. The top ways are search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing, also called SMM. 

 Search engine optimization is a strategy to make your website easy to find on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. It happens when someone is searching for key phrases relating to the things you do. For instance, if you have an IT company in Nairobi, your website will rank higher when someone searches “IT companies in Kenya.” 

An advantage of being high on search engine results pages is that instead of looking for clients as it happened with other marketing methods, the potential leads will look for you. The top SEO services in Kenya help website owners to get a high ranking on the search engines. They get to be among the top companies by helping many companies to get a high rank on search engines at a short time and affordable cost.


We are a team of highly experienced, passionate and SEO experts who are ready for any challenge. We focus on your business, your competitors and outrank them for good.

How to Evaluate Top SEO Services in Kenya 

Many companies claim to be among the top, but these are the qualities that make SEO services to be the top. 

1. Ability to analyze needs  

An SEO company should define the precious needs of each customer to customize the services.  It is essential to choose an SEO company that understands your business model and its specific needs. Understanding the business is paramount for success on an SEO campaign. It is essential to be alert on whether an SEO company is asking the questions that suit your business. They include questions about past experiences with online marketing, expectations and the most important thing about marketing your company.


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2. Knowledge of on page and off page optimization  

On the page, optimization is the aspect of keyword location and density.  It is essential to spend time to learn about the way an SEO   services company approaches on-page elements of a client’s site. On the page, optimization focuses on optimizing content and other aspects of a web page that ‘tell’ search engines what a specific page is all about. Ask the potential SEO companies about their approaches to optimizing on-page elements.  

Off-page optimization helps to build web authority. It is essential to choose an SEO company that understands the off page elements that can impact on the ranking of a website in the popular search engines. The top SEO services in Kenya are efficient in creating comprehensive strategies for off-page. The strategies include social bookmarking, blog marketing and link building from the relevant and legitimate sites on the web.  Then top SEO services should start by understanding the activities of your website to ensure a strong relevance between the core business and off page strategy.  

3. Knowledge to perform Keyword analysis 

Keyword analysis helps to select the most effective keywords.  The top SEO services take time to choose keywords that they will focus on as they create content or build incoming links or the references to a website. 

The success of the top SEO services in Kenya lies on an ability to craft efficient and relevant keywords.  An SEO company with mastery of optimization techniques knows the way to analyze the volume of keywords in the major search engines. They also understand the context of a selected keyword to your activities. The efficiency of keywords contributes much to the success of an SEO campaign. 


Internal Links Optimization: Get insights about your internal link texts and page authority metrics for up to 1000 pages.
Social Media Marketing: We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engines and track crawler access..
Content Submission: We’ll post and share your URLs, text/media content across search engines and directories.
Keyword Suggestion: Get unlimited suggestions of keywords and phrases related to your business.



At Mambo we recognize that every entity’s circumstances are a bit different. This is the reason why we adapt our SEO and marketing strategies according to your company’s individual objectives, budget and size.


Mambo has now been steadily expanding for over a decade and over the years we’ve only perfected the craft. We make use of effective methodologies, practices and techniques to get positive results for long term.


We keep track of activities and provide you with a report. This way you can always measure progress, with this you won’t have to wonder whether your marketing investments have even paid off at all.


You will be in direct communication with your own SEO expert. Give us a call any time and speak to your own personal digital marketing consultant and we will adjust our Plan according to your specifications.


It depends on a number of factors and these can only be determined after we have done an analysis of your websites, keywords and other aspects. With Us be sure to rank top on google and get heavy target traffic.

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